What is the best method?

I had a little try at lucid dreaming a while back but only got as far as an extremely vivid and real-feeling dream.

Now i wanna try again, what is the best possible method to start out with, and can someone explain this method? I’m really eager to have an LD! Any help appreciated, thanks! :cool:

I think every1 has different success with different methods. Id start in the FAQs and Tutorials catagory and see what takes your fancy. :smile:

Oh, thanks, the FAQ helped :happy:

This is definitely true. You’ll probably have to experiment with different techniques until you find one that works the best for you, then customize it to your liking. :smile:

Remember that having LD’s doesn’t just come down to techniques. The whole idea is to recognize that you’re dreaming, and one of the best ways to do that is to become aware of your environment IRL and have that awareness carry over to the dream state so that you’ll notice when something is not quite right. A lot of techniques are just methods to help achieve that awareness; mindlessly performing a technique probably won’t net you great results.

This recent article by Robert Waggoner explains it well, and there are other posts around the forum with a similar message.

I’ve also heard about Lucid Dreaming MP3’s to listen to where you’ll lucid dream when you sleep, or something like that. Does that really work?

Are you referring to Binaural Beats? I gave some a try when I first started LD’ing and didn’t have much success. However, some people find them very helpful; it seems to be one of those “your mileage may vary” LD aids. There is a big topic about it here, although it is somewhat old, and there is a Brainwave Generator Tutorial in the Tutorials section as well. There are some other posts if you search around.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can come along and post a better answer :tongue:.

Here’s a topic that gathers a few of them. The success rate is not so bad, but many people just get woken up by the tracks :tongue: so remember to keep the volume very low.

Yeh i tried those binaural beats… the shoveling of sand didn’t really make me feel very lucid Lmao xD

But yeah, they did help me get rid of various headaches. I just never give them a proper chance with LD’ing

i’m going to post something i wrote before with answering someone with the same question. i hope it helps.

methods are just methods (profound huh? :tongue:). they’re like golf clubs or baseball bats. even if you pick the best golf club, you still have to swing it. what matters more is YOU. not to say there’s anything wrong or deficient about you. quite the contrary! you are born with the capacity to proficiently lucid dream. even if you don’t feel like you do or circumstance might tell you otherwise, you do. the trick is to take hold of this thought and latch on to it. be confident in yourself. that’s the key. confidence overrules everything else. if person A had 100% confidence in them to lucid dream but didn’t use any specific technique, and person B had only 50% confidence and mixed WBTB with WILD and MILD and etc., who would have more lucid dreams? call me crazy, but i think that Person A would have far more success.

now saying “believe in yourself” is all neat and easy, but it’s not. everyone struggles with it. that’s why you have to learn how to talk to your subconscious. a user on here named BenDrummin posted a topic a little while ago about it. to sum up the topic, which you can read here and i highly encourage you do), the key is to use the phrase “i am”. “i am a lucid dreamer”, “i am going to have a lucid dream tonight/in three hours”, or even “i am lucid”. this will have a PROFOUND effect i assure you.

my first lucid was a MILD, then I had a few lucids that happened by chance spread across a few months, and most recently, I had an accidental WILD during a nap.

I find its going to be much easier to lucid dream on the weekend, when your mind is not stressed from work and such.

Try my C-WILD technique. ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.p … order=asc& &start=0

This made me laugh so hard :rofl:

I personally had extremely good success with FILD.

But I have very little success with WILD. But others say they have no luck with FILD and lots of luck with WILD. Depends on the person.

Same as NatureDane, I laughed at that as well, :lol: I had similar thoughts when I first tried them. I’m glad to hear they proved useful in some way though. In terms of LD’ing, you can always use them to augment some other method and possibly improve its effectiveness.

Sorry im a newbie what is fild?

It is https://community.ld4all.com/t/fild-tutorial/27224
Which was formally known as HILD : [Hargart's Induction Technique Log (HILD))

Basically you wake up after a dream and then without waking yourself up to much you try to go back to sleep but you move your finger ever so slightly.

I tried it and it worked twice in a row.

Weirdest feeling I have ever experienced. I was laying on my back as I was doing it and not 15 seconds later I felt as if I was being rolled over without being touched. Next thing I knew I was laying on my side, I RCed and sure enough, I was dreaming. :smile:

my very first LD was induced with a combination of WBTB and FILD

for almost 2 weeks i had been using the WBTB technique by going to sleep around 9 10 pm, with an alarm set for 3am. when my alarm woke me up at 3am i was able to drift back to sleep much easier with typical “i will remember im dreaming” mantras. had some pretty vivid but ND’s

one of the nights at 3 i decided to try FILD falling back alseep and there it was
a LD

hope this helps!

Try every single method you read about (within reason of course, Pain Induced Lucid Dreaming for example could be harmful). You may never know what’s best for you personally until you’ve tried it. However, if you can get WILD reliably, that’s probably the best way to go: you dreams will last longer (being lucid right from the beginning), may be more vivid than a dream that already started before you went lucid, plus you get better recall.