What is your Solar Seal?

Yellow Self Existing Star :wink:

Red Electric Serpent :smile:

Red Overtone Earth over here. ^^ Now who are the others? I know Freedom88 is a Red Earth.

My solar seal is yellow seed. ( YAy yellow seed has 10 votes :razz: )

Yellow Spectral Seed! :cool_laugh:

Hmm… Sounds like something one might hear on Power Rangers… :eek:

“Yellow Spectral Seed: transform, NOW!!” shuts up :shy:

Who are our other Yellow Seeds, and how do we get a cool icon down in our signature?

you can find fellow yellow seeds, by looking at the kin icons in member’s sigs and/or by looking it up in the book of kin … in this topic Book of Kin [last entry: slinking_ferret]

you already have a kin icon in your sig :smile:

Right, yeah… I figured that one out almost as soon as I posted the question :smile:

Thanks for the Book of Kin link!

Go red dragons! :cheer:


Blue Spectral Monkey is what I got… just found that out too xD

I’m a White Resonant Dog. hmmn :smile:

Red (spectral) Skywalker.

Me Ish Da Yellow Seedzta OwNage gOn3 Pl@tN1Um

is there a website that lets me see a solar seal calander for free?

cuz the only one i found was an example of one and i couldn’t see what next week is!!!

tortuga.com/eng/calendar/mag … /index.php :thumbs: just click the month to see the large calendar image

I feel very proud to say that I am a Red Self-Existing Skywalker… yay doesalittledance
Thanks for that link! I was wondering if there was anything like that! :colgate:

thanks a lot!

I’m with ten other Red (Rythmic in my case) Moons :happy:

I’m White Resonant Dog.

White Overtone Wind!

I’m a yellow Electric Sun =D