What next?

Hello all , i started with what was told the best way to start , by improving my recall (with a DJ of course:P ). I now can remember at least one vivid and long dream through the week without WBTB and at the weekend with it even more.

My question is that would it be best to do regular RC’s now and if so what are the most effective ones to do and how often?

Also if theres anything else i can be doing to boost my chances of becoming lucid let me know please :smile:

The nose RC (pinching your nose and seeing if you can breathe) seems to be one of the most reliable. Beyond that, the best thing you can start to do is keep track of your day. Stop and see if you can remember what you’ve been doing for the last five minutes, and always ask yourself “how did I get here?” If you can get in the habit of doing that, you’re chances for an LD will greatly improve.

Also, when you go to bed, do it with the intention of remembering to do a reality check. Something like “in 5 hours, I will remember to do a reality check” would work really well (switch it to “a few minutes” if you’re doing a WBTB).

Good luck, let us know if you need any more help :content:

Thanks for the tips Rhewin! :smile:

will start to do both of them

You’re very welcome. Just remember it can take some times for those actions to transfer over to your dreams, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t have instant success. Do them often and keep it up and it will eventually work :content:

This reality check always works for me: look at your hand, in a dream it’s kind of blurry and sometimes it can have six or seven fingers so you’ll definitely know that you’re dreaming :wink:

You still have much to improve with your dream recall. It is good enough, but the better your DR is, the higher your chances of being lucid :wink: So keep continuing with your DJ, and if you wake up in the middle of the night with a dream in mind, never postpone writing it down. You must write every dream down when you wake up from that dream is you want to keep improving your DR.

RC’s are not a must, but they are good to have. I have personally become lucid only once by randomly doing a RC in a dream, the other times were all other techniques. Do RCs as much as you can, it never hurts to do more. Physical RCs may look weird at times (imagine someone pinching their nose shut and trying to breathe through it or someone trying to push a finger through the palm of the other hand in a serious moment), so I suggest mental RCs instead. Read this to get an idea of mental RCs and try to implement the most you can from that source, imho, it is a really good one.

To boost your chances of getting lucid, you must always keep a positive attitude. There are some foods that are said to improve the vividness of dreams and lucidity, it may be worthwhile to do a research on that in the forum if you’re interested. Besides, there are some people saying that certain phases of time affects the same things as well, it may also prove to be effective if you kept statistics of your LDs and DR and compare it with the phases of the moon to see if there’s a relation.

I hope this helps :content:

I will try and be patient rhewin :razz:

thanks Tiantian ill try that aswell :smile:

That helps alot puce thanks :happy:

I’m not experienced by any means but I do know that all of my LDs have came about from me pinching my nose and breathing…Also, puce is right. I found that my best LDs came to me at the time I was able to recall 3 or 4 dreams a night…Hope this helps! :wink:

Thanks for the input lucid life :happy:
At the weekend i can usually manage to recall 3/4 dreams so hopefully the RC’s sink in and i remember then.

Your welcome ritchie! :wink:

Pinching your nose and trying to breath seems to be the best confirmer. If you think it’s a dream and you do that, then you completely know.

It seems to take me weeks before something I do appears in a dream (I read a book that didn’t come into my dreams until like 4 months later). So it could take a while.

Also, make sure to get more sleep. More sleep, more dreams. I’ve remember like three dreams in one night before.

Thanks nitt :smile: , everyone seems to be leaning toward the nose one so ill go with that