What order?

What order should a beginner master in the techniques to achieve the best result? Should I start with MILD and then move on to WILD? Or should I but WBTB somewhere between as well?

Another question; what does WILD actually feel / give signs of?

No. You should start with RC’s. Why? Because they’re easiest and most likely to produce LD’s. Plus, they’re a standalone technique and are almost always used in other techniques.

Then MILD. I never really had much success with this, but it’s because I pursued WILD right after RC’s.

Then WILD. It’s the toughest and most time consuming to perform, but it does give consistency if they’re performed correctly.

Autosuggest… I don’t know where that belongs. For some people, I guess it simply won’t work, and for others, it’s quite effective. Give it a shot after you’ve got some techniques down.

WBTB should be coupled with other techniques to probably increase the chances of LD and decrease the amount of time needed to MILD/WILD.

["How to Choose Your Technique" - By Treader) for more info.

Thanks for your answer. Although I don’t know what Autosuggest is? What sort of method will that involve?
Thanks for the tip about RC’s, I’ll definatly keep those as a higher priority… :smile:

MILD is like autosuggestion indeed. But MILD uses visualization plus other tips.

Autosuggestion is when you repeat mentally a sentence before falling asleep. You need to be well relaxed, then you repeat something like “Tonight, I’ll realize that I’m dreaming”. Some people reapeat it until they fall asleep, some people repeat it 20 times or less. The nearest you are to sleep, the best it is. You also need to be convinced of what you say but don’t do a too hard mental effort.

If you’re in the good state of mind, relaxed, convinced and thinking of what you say, just repeating it 3 times may work. You can use autosuggestion + WBTB too.

DILD techniques (RC, autosuggestion, MILD) don’t work immediatly. Time is needed until it comes to your subconscious. You’ll begin to have prelucid dreams first (that is dreams about dreams, lucid stuff or lucidity) then a lucid dream happens.