What powers do you possess? (if any)

Hey guys, small thing I was thinking about while sitting here in the small light of my desk lamp at 9 PM. :smile:

What powers do you people possess in LD’s? (or maybe ND’s?)
I, for example, possess the power of inferno. It has a cool effect. :woo:
My fingertips are burning with a pleasant blue flame, but when I use the power, it turns dark red and an aggressive sound is heard (similar to something drenched in gasoline that just ignited.)
I also have electricity, and a small electrical current arcs between my fingertips.
When I use it against people, the arcs get larger and a very fierce lightning sound is heard when I blast 2000 volts into the poor bastard that stands before me.

So, fellow LD’ers, what do you use to terrorize/save the DC’s around you?

hey jojje, i don’t really have any plasmid-powers hahah, you’ve just been playing too much bioshock:P

no seriously, these dream powers you’r talking about are either because of an extreme ammount of time playing bioshock or because you felt like having them(or a combination of those 2), so basically, you have every possibly conceivable power in a dream

I think it’s a combination of both. :hmmm:
But that’s actually the only “plasmids” that I have.
I tried getting others just by imagining it but to no avail.
Maybe I should try splicing.
Summon a Gatherers Garden and get some plasmids :wink:

theres a thread for this already…
[Lucid Dream Powers you have achieved - Part II)

Gah, I tried searching but I couldn’t search for a specific forum