What should I do?

I had my first LD not to long ago (On the night before my birthday!) (Real LD this time, I think). I then realised even I can have lucid dreams. I’m now pretty motivated again to do something to get another one. But the problem is, what should I do? Is there any simple way I can get a higher chance of getting a DILD? I’m talking about simple things, things that everyone can do, unlike meditation and others, which require practice.

Well, Do reality checks much more often during the day, so at night you remember to

Though you should try WILD

to me it is much, much more easier

Anyone could do this! It requires maybe just 15 minutes a day and a little devotion!

As Renegade stated reality checking is important for getting DILDs, also give Lucid Living a try. (Even though this is very hard to do).

But really, for getting DILDs (and LD in general) you need motivation, so make sure you don’t lose your initial motivation. It is the key element to sucesfully getting LDs.