What tricks do you use to keep your mind awake?

This may sound idiotic, but when I am trying to count, I sometimes forget to think “I am dreaming”, and sometimes I even forget the number that comes next :lol:. I usually get to 100 and then go back to 1 because 1-100 is less words than 100+.

that’s why i only go to two, so i never forget what comes next

simple math works wonders

Maybe you can recall your latest normal dream, and at some point change it so you become lucid in that dream. That might help you to stay focused on your goal.

Sorry to bash everyone whos posted here alreddy, but like all these frikin things failed me. Now that that’s out of the way. Best trick to staying aware, is staying aware! not complicated at all. Simply, when you start drifting off, physically say “No! I will not fall asleep!” believe me, counting, and all that other crap fails like no other. Its your sheer willpower that keeps you aware. Stay calm, do the freeze frame hand methods (I’ll post link if you want) and just tell yourself.

next step is real simple- Fail! just let yourself fall asleep. BUT, watch the clock, and when you wake up write the time down. Try to beat your record. Keep doing it.

Also, for any more info just read my guide on WILD’s (agan ill post link)

anyway, do you have recall though? :eh:

Heres link

ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t … highlight=

BTW - what kind of hat are you in? :eh:


Interesting, will try tonight if I remember to.

this might have been said but along with the

1…2…1…2 inbetween say 1 (im dreaming) 2 (imdreaming)

it workd for me but then something happend and i always enter a ND :grrr: :help:

Lol, that’s what pretty much always happens with me.

yes. you know how the younger the easier it is to learn to LD? would teens be able to stay awake longer then adults… just wondering.

so far that “being easier for teens” hasn’t shown for me when trying to become lucid… I’m trying about 2 months now (wild and vild) and so far I haven’t hat any success (i’m 14)

How about cold matter ? You try it ? When I want to be awake , I use cold matter .

ex : I roll through snow , I imagine a cold rain falling on me , I swimm in a pool with cold water ( Lucid Crossroads’s pool , for example ) , s.a.m.d .

you could use calm , not to loud music , it is a SLIGHT distraktion from falling asleep but if its pitched right it might not acctually keep you from sleepin… the idea is that you stay a bit more aware trough this (durin my first WILD i had also something playiing in the backround so i have acctually tryed this one )
regards and much luck /me

i have tried all the counting things, calm music, watching the visualizations… all of this stuff MAKES ME SLEEPY!
doesn’t anybody else notice that?

i think tonight i’ll try this cold matter idea. however it is always hot in my apartment, so i hope it works.

I find if I keep my mind focused, I’ll never fall asleep. But then again it usually takes me 1-2 hours to get to sleep anyway, so unless I’m really tired, it will take me ages to WILD.

What I usually do is just say to myself “I am going to realize that I am dreaming” but you have to actually mean it, like I say it maybe 5-10 times and almost visualize what it means and then let myself fall asleep. It worked this morning because when I saw something odd in my dreams, I immediately knew I was dreaming. I could see how this wouldn’t work at all for most people, but for some reason it works for me.

I don’t want to keep my mind awake for a long time. If I do then I just end up asking myself “When if I forget to how to fall asleep?” Then I just don’t get to sleep for hours. You could just concentrate on your thoughts while they wander.

I find the best way to keep conscious is combining physical and mental so i count while concentrating on my breaths and i flex the muscles that make your ears wiggle. :cool:

i could see this being hilarious to watch lol.

Those are interesting suggestions… But none of them have worked for me, even though i’ve tried them all countless times. I just cant seem to stay aware, same thing happens IRL as well actualy. I find it extremely hard to consentrate and not let my mind drift off. So instead of trying to keep my mind awake, i just let it go. Think “im going to lose awareness any minuite now and fall asleep, oh well” and keep wating for that to happen. You cant PLAN to lose awareness, since that happens without you noticing it so your mind stays awake, waiting for something that will never come (something like reverse psychology).


Best suggestion here, the others are … Out - of - order.