What would be best to do now

So since about 2 years ago I’ve been wanting to become an active lucid dreamer so badly, but sometimes I still had some breaks because I was distracted too much by other things etc so that is my own fault, but now, since a month or 3\4 ago I’ve been actively trying to Lucid Dream again.
However, I really get the feeling that I am not getting better at all. I just read about some people on this forum who began LD’ing less than a year ago and they already had more than 50 lucid dreams.
However, I’ve only had around 14. With only 1 LD lasting 3\4 minutes. I’ve never had a longer one than that.

I think that I now at this rate have 1 LD in a month, but I always wake up immediately after becoming Lucid (I’ll try the rubbing hands technique next time).

But that is not really my issue, my issue is, I feel like I am getting lucid not often enough. I’ve been trying to have a good lucid dream for so long.

What would be the best thing for me to do next? These are the things I do\have now:

[i][size=100]-A Dream Journal (I write a dream at least once in 2 days. Is that perhaps not enough?)

-Pretty good dream recall

-Lots of RC’s during the day (And not quick ones but every time I really try to check if I am dreaming, by thinking what I did 5 and 10 minutes ago etc.)

-Read about LD’ing especially in the evening.

-Sometimes tried WILD after 4+ hours of sleep but didn’t work for me just yet.[/size][/i]

-Mantra’s (Tried this only a few times to be honest)

I know I can search the site for new technique’s, but I’d like some personal advice on what’s best to try next :smile:

Good news is, I’ve asked 2 recommended LD books for Christmas, so reading those every evening may help as well!

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any help

P.s.: I am not frustrated or anything, and I even enjoy my normal dreams, but I just think it would be so nice to have more and better LD’s!

…? Recalling only one each two days? I thought it would be better to have at least one a day. Or two per day if you are feeling serious. And then by filling that empty gap, your chances are ALREADY twice as much.

I Write one in two days. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

I can remember at least 1 on a day. But for example today, I remember fragments of about 4 dreams.

You are doing good with things that you described and like you said only thing that’s missing is technique to induce lucid dreams. From my experience only time will show if particular tech is working for you or not.

The thing is that you need to accept that there are no techniques that will work in a day or two. For example MILD won’t work because is based on mnemonic induction and memory, we need to train ourselves. WILD won’t work because we need time to adjust technique to our needs etc…

But I would suggest doing MILD and WBTB. You can always combine WILD with MILD and WBTB. Because you have time when you are waiting SP to kick in and in that time you can repeat mantra - MILD and if you don’t succeed in WILD you were still doing MILD too, right? I think I don’t need to explain WBTB because it’s logical that with waking up in the middle of the night we increase awareness which is crucial for lucid dreams.

Also you can do this tech every night before bed and I strongly suggest you do it. This tech is good for increasing awareness and DR and in general lucidity. When I was experimenting with this tech I was doing only this tech and it took me a week to get first results… Now I still do it every night just as add on technique to MILD, WILD, VILD and WBTB…

Good luck… If you have any more questions just ask!

Thanks for your reply!!

Ok, I’ll do what you said. Actually, I have already done that technique before (EFT) and with success the same night, but for some reason I never thought about it anymore! Maybe it’s because deep inside I didn’t believe it was the technique that made me go lucid or something.

But I’ll try that technique every time I go to bed now. :content:

I’ll also do the WBTB and MILD every night from now on. I’ll wait a moment with WILD since most of the time it makes me unable to sleep when it did not succeed for me.

Thanks again! I’ll let you know if I notice any difference :smile:

Sometimes when WILD doesn’t succeed it may cause insomnia but I believe that’s only because we don’t fall asleep properly. I meant to say that you need to use SDR technique. Also you can adjust it to your own way, it works good for me just the way it is because it’s fine for me to end up falling asleep on my side. You can do the same steps but the last one should be the position you want to fall asleep. With this tech there shouldn’t be problems with falling asleep…

Here’s the tech!


I woke up around 5:15 AM, and thought “ok let’s try WILD anyways, but just for a short time”. And guess what, I already underwent the SP in about 10\15 seconds! Then I just waited and tried to concentrate and a few moments later I was in a dream. Fully Lucid! (I’ll write a detailed version in my DJ in just a moment!)

Though this was my longest LD so far, for some reason it didn’t make me that happy at all, probably because I had almost no control and because a woman DC was trying to ruin everything. I was in my house and I wanted to get out, but it was like she prevented me to go out because the glass in the windows was super strong out of a sudden.

I also find it weird that I didn’t try to negotiate with her, or if not possible, even fight her.

I am also having troubles in believing. When I tried to break the glass to escape, I shouted “THIS TIME I. WILL. GET THROUGH” and I’m pretty sure I believed it.

So I spent about 15 minutes in a LD doing nothing fun :neutral: (not sure how to feel now :tongue: ) at least I’m getting closer, right?

Oh by the way, what I did manage was change the time of the day (though that woman had to change it to scary night again) and I was able to increase lucidity and vividness by shouting

“LUCIDITY INCREASE!” small effects “LUCIDITY INCREASE!” *Even more vividness " “LUCIDITY INCREASE X3!” lots of vividness

Thanks in advance!

Edit: One more related question. If there’s a DC who has the control over YOUR dream, how would you stop that DC if that person has a very satisfied look on his\her face, like he\she can manage anything :open_mouth:

Edit 2: Oh I used the EFT technique as well, so thanks again for reminding me on that! :happy:

I’m glad you had a success!

Now it’s just practice and nothing more… :content:

DC is only a creation of your mind. So basically it’s part of you and if you don’t have a control over him/her it only means that you don’t have proper lucidity level or control over dream. Here’s video that will explain a little more what I’m saying.

It seems like I’m only reading “success!” topics everywhere, it’s time to get a LD again myself!

Congrats, nice to see that you’ve met with success so soon!

I’d say you should feel giddy after this LD, just because you had a 15-minutes long LD. Most ND’s don’t feel like 15 minutes, at least not for me. And then you have a 15 minutes long LD. How awesome is that?! :happy: You’ve already achieved something very big, and dream control is usually just a matter of practice and believing, but not difficult in any way.

I guess you were highly lucid? Seriously, I wouldn’t recommand fighting a DC. I think that trying to be nice is a better way for achieving something in a dream. Maybe next time you encounter a DC which has a lot of power over the dream world, try to become friends with him/her and ask her to lend you a bit of his/her powers or teach you how to use the same powers. :wink:

Also, if that shouldn’t work in the way you want it, always be aware of the fact that you are the dreamer, you are lucid, you and only you are in control! Nothing can harm you, and if something/someone wants to harm you, turn around, face it and just ask: “What do you want from me?!” Everytime I did that in a LD, the monsters or whatever turned into inoffensive DC’s, plus it gives you a good feeling. :tongue:

the red parte…i think that i disagree with you…at least for me because i always want to feel that i am in control and even if i encounterd a monster or a super powerfull DC and he beat’s me this time i shall come back the next time to hunt him :eek: …actually it will be fun to try to find a way to kill him when am awake and try to spote his weakness…sorry :shy: action lover :peek:

Well, if you think a DC have full control over your dream ,it will be so.

Try saying “I HAVE FULL CONTROL!” next time…

Worked for me on a funny LD >_>

Thanks everyone for the replies :content:

Yeah, actually deep down I am very happy that I had a LD that long. (Though it was probably around 8 minutes now that I think about it, but it’s still long for me :tongue: )

However, in my dreams, my SC always seems to hate me. Everything that I want to turn nice, my mind wants to turn evil or bad.
What I mean is, I think in my case it isn’t going to be as easy as shouting “I HAVE FULL CONTROL”. Perhaps it is, but I know my dreams by now and things have almost never been that easy. (Only a few times I was surprised how nice my SC sometimes can be)

I am pretty sure that it is because I always have a 1% doubt that something will not work. Like when I wanted to jump through the window, I probably thought for 1 millisecond that I cannot go through. But that is just how my mind works :sad: I don’t know how to stop that.

Again, I am not frustrated, just to avoid misunderstandings :razz: I think it’s nice to have had success a day after I made this topic. I even managed to go through WILD! The dream just had an unpleasant feeling to it, and in my case my dreams always have strong feelings (so good dreams make me very very happy, and nightmares make me very very scared, but that is probably normal :smile: )

Oh, what I wanted to say as well is that my recall wasn’t that good, but that is because I woke up from a loud sound, and immediately I felt that I lost some details of my LD.

Err one more question (Sorry :tongue:) Yesterday night, after doing the EFT technique and having the mantra stuck in my head, I had extreme difficulties in falling asleep. Probably because I was so looking forward into falling asleep. Any hints on that?

Again, thank you everyone, you are all very helpful! I really appreciate it.

for the sleeping you can
-Wear comfortable clothing
-Choose a comfortable position
-Use breathing techniques
-Use your imagination. The time between laying your head on the pillow and falling asleep can be a time to plan a lucid dream, or just to let your mind wander and be as imaginative as you like.
-Try self-hypnosis
-It may sound crazy, but if nothing else has worked for you, try this. If you find it hard to sleep, you’ll notice that you try to tell your body to fall asleep. You try and try, but it doesn’t work. Try this is a simple trick. When you close your eyes and attempt to fall asleep, stop. Do this instead. Close your eyes and try your hardest to stay awake with your eyes closed. It may take a few minutes, but before you know it, you’ll be waking up to a new morning.

Haha over excitement in WL before sleep. I had those too and it seems that it works even if it keeps you awake for some time, still a very good sign!

You can do everything that ghanemhaithem suggested or you can go with those thoughts and relax. Just stop thinking about them. If I’m correct it’s suggested to let go thought about lucid dreaming when doing EFT, being cool about the “topic” sometimes can help and accepting that you might have a lucid dream but that you also might not have lucid dream. Anyway, enjoy dreams, lucid and non lucid that’s only what matters! :content:

Haha ok thanks, I will try them. I think I won’t be having that many troubles falling asleep tonight though since I am still very tired from yesterday :wink:

That doesn’t sound so crazy at all actually! I’ve noticed that every morning when I WANT to stay awake because I have to get ready for school, I always happen to fall asleep. But on sundays, when I want to stay on dreaming, I find it hard to get to sleep again. :content:.

Thanks for your hints!

Yay!! :grin:

Had an awesome LD this morning. A DC made me lucid by saying I was dreaming etc, and then he gave me hints on flying etc. Haha it was so awesome talking to him. He told me, (Or I told him, I can’t remember) “Maybe we’ll meet again”. So who knows :content:

Anyway, I have another question though. At some point I was in a train with a lot of passengers (while still lucid), and I saw a nice girl sitting there too. However, I am still afraid of my surroundings, and therefore didn’t dare to do anything because I knew I was going to get laughed at. I tried thinking “Don’t worry, don’t worry, this is just a dream, there won’t be any consequences” but I didn’t even dare to hug or talk to her or something. How do I overcome that… ‘fear’?

Edit: I’m going to make a topic about this question, since I think it’s a bit off-topic :smile:

Wow! Had my greatest LD so far!!!

I think what triggered me to become lucid is that at a sudden point I was feeling my real-life body being paralysed, while I was still dreaming.

In the dream I was in my room and I wanted to spawn a friend of mine behind the door. But first I thought: Hmm this all looks really real, what if I am not actually dreaming? So I went to see if there was something odd (I forgot about RC’s for some reason) and when I opened the door I saw my mother holding a baby. That’s what confirmed that I’m in a dream. (Who’s baby would that be? I was like).

I thought to myself “When I open this door, he will be behind it.”… Nothing happened. I did it again and there he was all of a sudden! (The classmate).

The best part of the dream was how long it was. It was about 15 minutes long (The lucid part!). That’s a personal record!

Had a read through this whole topic again, since I haven’t been lucid for some time now, and I so, sooo much want to experience it again.

I’m going to try more WBTB and MILD again I think.