What's the longest lucid dream you ever had?

I dont think anyone can be stuck in a dream. First of all for the obvious reason that you can leave your dream whenever you want to just by thinking about doing so.
the 100 years is quite an astounding fact. Ive never heard about it before but I am sure he invoked that situation and I would do the same thing if I were in his position.
The Longest lucid dream I could remember was probably about 4-8 hours long, years back when I was about 12 years old. I used to have many dreams each night back then. The dream started in the night, I was lucid when it started and for most of the time I just flew around looking at the scenery, it was dark and and misty until I spawned my sister into it, suddenly everything was brighting as if I were right next to the sun, I tried talking to her at the beginning but it was impossible to create sound at that locale. suddenly a ladder came by and my sister climbed it, I followed her but as soon as I started climbing it, I could not see her anymore, it appeared as though I was climbing into a cloud, into a big mist and after a couple of seconds in that mist it disappeared and my head peaked out of a whole in the floor of the most beautiful garden with lots of people, children , animals, trees and plants. I climbed to the floor which was made of bricks colored yellow and red (just like in the wizard of oz), as soon as I laid my feet on the floor, I looked down to the opening to see a complete darkness inside of it and after a second it was sealed completely. At this point everything changed from being entirely vague and dreamland like to a very vivid and most realistically situation. Things were very concrete. As soon as I started walking in that garden with a big smile across my face, a little cute faery came and asked me how am I.
I asked her: what is this place?!?! and she said: “this is wonderland, Im happy to see you here, Ariel” and she disappeared in an instance.
I continued walking in the garden when a young little girl approached me and said:
“you look cute, do you want to kiss?” I was very shy and I didn’t know what to do, I smiled, and she kissed me, at that second I started flying in an enormous speed upwards towards the sky which was turquoise with no objects in it, after flying for about half a minute, I stopped closed my eyes and opened them to find myself at a huge metropolitan city, with buildings right in the middle of the sky,music concerts in the air, people flying all around and everything looked amazingly vivid, real, and harmonically flowing. I was standing in mid air about 2 Kilometers from the city and as I started very slowly to fly towards it I spotted a big nice house with a huge garden all around it, on the building, “Lost?” was written and in the garden there were many people all playing chess some just sitting across each other with their chess boards lifting upon their heads as if it were their thoughts, others were playing on a huge board with huge soldiers and others were playing on a normal board just like here.
I felt the strongest urge to play chess and I approached a man who stood in the entrance wearing comic pictures all over his body and above his head was a script like signature which was constantly changing its form and color. I asked him: “Can I play?”
so he told me something like, sure, do you have someone to play with? I told him I cant recognize anyone here so he said he will play with me. As we sat down to play, he took out a card, The Jack of Clubs, and as he exhaled air upon it, the picture on the card seemed to vanish and small particles were launched into the air forming a nice glass chessboard which floated right between our shoulders. than he said: you will start.
As I came to reach the soldier, I felt a weird bolt running through my fingers, than I just moved the soldier with my thoughts. The game was long and didn’t make any sense, through the whole time, we concentrated much more on our conversation than on the game itself and the game always changed shape with soldiers going on and off the board, the game had many twists and it seemed like it would last forever, we just sat other and he kept asking me questions about my life and what I like to do, through the whole conversation, everything around us was constantly transforming many known and unknown things to me. At certain points, it seemed like we were sitting right the near the moon, at some points things looked like my town back home and everything was never the same for a moment. I also asked him questions and he said he likes to watch movies and listen to music, but his favorite hobby of all is circling the sun, then I said, there is no sun here, so he said, you just dont know where to look for it. Not long after, he said ok game over, so i said but its not over yet, no one has won, (the game was not making any sense, believe me) , so he said, we both won, to which I replied, that cant be and then he said, then you win! at that second I found myself again in the garden I first found myself, there was a bunch of trees standing in a sort of a circle and as I went inside of it, everything seemed to be spinning until I was standing in a big jungle and a tiger came to me roaring, I was startled at first and I try to make him freeze with no success, I asked him whats wrong, he suddenly smiled and said: “nothing, im only joking, come, take a look” I followed him among the trees until we have reached an amazing, huge, open space with lots of animals, lions, tigers, elephants, cats and much much more all bathing in natural springs and playing with each other. It was then when I first saw an animal laugh. They all seemed very happy, the tiger was still by my side and introduced himself as Harrison, he said there is a great show now in the western part of the jungle but I said Id rather stay here and bathe. When I went in the water all the animals greeted me but I was concentrated on the energizing feeling the water had given me and everything around me was appearing dazed, it all kinda mixed together and I could not make any sense out of it, just feeling the amazing feeling of the water which felt kinda like soda all over my body. Then I saw somewhere pretty far a unicorn standing in an area which was dark (everything else was very bright) and he was standing next to a waterfall which looked purple and green, I became hypnotized by it and suddenly I found myself right next to him with his back to me and the green/violet waterfall dropping from very high from complete darkness shedding into a small pool. It lighted the area right around us but except for in that small radius I could not see any thing at all, complete darkness, the unicorn just stood there, slowly moving his tail from time to time, drinking the water from the pool until I said hi. he then slowly turned towards me and appeared as the most magnificent creature I have ever gazed upon, with seeing his face, came a presence of a great light shining and almost blinding me with its brightness, he just stood there smiling for a few minutes until I asked him: “dont you like the other animals?” he said he likes every being there is but he likes staying by himself. He told me he doesnt usually come to this place, I told him, I dont know where to go and for some reason I find it rather hard controlling this dream environment, he said hell take me someplace nice, instantly, I was on top of him, floating just a few cms above his back and it appeared as if he was rushing at the speed of light, I tried to hang to him but I felt as if it was impossible, lights and colors was flashing all over and after a few seconds I lost him and sort of fell into the most amazing place. It was like an endless ocean and I was standing right on it, the sky was completely white and appeared to have some sort of aura as I was seeing a like golden light shining very high in the sky throughout it. The ocean was running like a very flat pool and I was walking on it, it felt as if I was walking on the most comfortable sand, like silk. I was completely naked and I just walked on it, I was incredibly relaxed and after a couple of minutes I saw a flash of colors and shaped which I could somehow recognize some known people and places I saw in the dream inside of it, it was just about a second long but had a lot of information in side of it, I continued walking until another flash has appeared, the third one was the face of the unicorn lighting the entire place (which was already as bright as I could imagine) into levels I felt my skin absorbing the light and I had to close my eyes, when I did I could still see everything amazingly clear, he said: “I hope you enjoyed your journey”, as he disappeared I looked up towards the light and suddenly a big wave was coming towards me, I tried making it stop, go back, etc with no success, before it reached me a hand made of water came out of the ocean and grabbed my foot taking me into the ocean, I was in a water storm, and I could see a dolphin smiling at me saying something I could not understand, then I felt like my heart was shocked and I found myself sitting outside of my home when my friends were out there playing soccer, one of them told me: Ariel, come on, play, I didnt take notice and thought Ill continue flying around some more in my hometown, when suddenly my mother voice was in my head Come on, Come on, Come on, I finally woke up looking at my mother, very thrilled about the dream I just had.
It was the most amazing dreaming experience I have ever had in many aspects. I suspect it may have been something between a lucid dream and an astral projection.
I cant believe I wrote that all.
Hope you enjoyed it.

wow that was one of the most amazing dreams Ive ever read id die to have such complex dreams as that

You dont have to die in order to have those, just to believe in yourself, its much easier =D

Sorta, except he explains that the idea of the 100 year dream was an illusion based on the way we “skip” in dreams and assume the time has passed. In other words if you just counted seconds it is super unlikely that you would even get to 7200, and utterly impossible you would get to a number like 36000.

I really find it hard to believe, the 100 years thing
how intense is that ?!!

I guess my point got lost on the previous page…anyway:

Sorta, except he explains that the idea of the 100 year dream was an illusion based on the way we “skip” in dreams and assume the time has passed. In other words if you just counted seconds it is super unlikely that you would even get to 7200, and utterly impossible you would get to a number like 36000.

I guess…
Anyway, a 100 year long dream is really quite astounding.
After all, as Einstein said, time is nothing but an illusion.

What I’m trying to get at here is that LaBerge did an extensive series of experiments with many subjects that could have LD’s. He would have them signal (with eyes) when they were lucid and then count to 20 in the dream (he also had them do it beforehand in RL to check the accuracy of their counting.). What he found is that time passes the same in dreams as in real life. If dream time were slower then the count to 20 would be almost instantaneous to a person in real life observing the counting starting and counting ending signals.

yes but if you want i think it is possible to slow down tim (in your dream)

I understood you a long time ago
for some reason, you keep explaining : )

I just now remembered a much longer dream I had when I was about 14-15, it wasnt this interesting and vivid, nonetheless, it was supposedly a week or so, when all of the time it revolved around this girl I had a huge crush on, and in the end we got together, only to wake up and realize its all a big dream, what a disappointment!

thats happened to me before

we did in fact get together after that in real life but it didnt last very long, or maybe the dream was afterwards?.. I cant remember.
Lucidity master, did u ever try to count seconds in your dream? whats the longest youve ever come to if so

True, only the powers of universe can stop your time-break :cool_raz:

not if the universe is on your side

30 to 45 minutes. Im surprised at how easy it is to stay lucid the longer you practice

I suppose my longest is actually one of my shortest. My longest in the dream felt as though it lasted an hour to an hour and a half, but I looked at the clock just before and after falling asleep and it had only been about 10 minutes. :eh:

The rest of my LDs generally feel like they last between 5 and 30 minutes, and they actually do last that long. How odd that the one that feels longest was actually one of the shortest.

O good heavens no, I have no desire, or patience, to sit there in an LD and count one-one thousand, two-one thousand etc. for 45 min to an hour. I’d probably go nuts from the boredom.

I couldnt believe how long this lucid dream lasted. It was so weird. First I was being drug across a floor, and was lucid after that. I talked to alot of DC, and one of them was telling me something that sounded very importent,but I have trouble remmbering dialog, and it was sooo vivid. I even tried to wake up from it, but couldnt. I never thought I could ever stay lucid that long. If it wasnt two hours it was atleast an hour, and a half. It was one of the coolest LDs Ive ever had. Has anyone else ever stayed lucid this long? I know I shattred my record of 30 to 45 minutes. I never thought it possible to stay lucid that long.