What's The Weather In Your Dreams! :)

If you have a good memory ! Tell me what is the weather in your dreams

In my dreams it’s always cloudy, very dark… Like if its almost raining ! I don’t know if it means something but all the time it’s like that :slight_smile: Tell me yours :tongue:

Almost always sunny or a clear night. It’s unusual if it’s really cloudy. Last time when my dream was cloudy, one of the clouds came to life, destroyed a bridge and killed me.

Wow i should be careful with clouds now lol ! I never died in my dreams personally :meh:

In my dreams, the weather isn’t so good. It is usually cloudy or dark but as soon as i get lucid, my first goal is always to make it shiny be shouting it.
I do that because for me less visual accuracy = less lucidity

The weather is varied in mine.

Bright and sunny, clear nights with amazing celestial views, cloudy, rainy, storms and hurricane/tornado type stuff.

When it comes to storms, they are often amazing and terrifying all at the same time. Lightning is often star trek plasma storm style, and the rain feels so real.

It is usually grey in my dreams. Most of my dreams are from early in the morning, before sunrise, so the light is usually grey or blue. I usually don’t pay attention to the weather, unless the weather itself is a major part of the dreams. I have had many dreams about storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards.

The exception is those dreams where it is night and I walk outside. It is always so extremely clear that I can see all the stars, and often unusual objects on the sky between them.

Rain, snow, storms are pretty rare in my dreams. Even an overcast is uncommon.
More often than not my dreams are clear skies, the occasional clouds. I don’t have too many dreams where it’s night time, but even when I have, it’s been mostly clear starry nights.
I think my dreams are just going by my preference. :razz:

Last night it was very sunny dream! For once ^^

Most of my dreams are indoors somewhere but 95% of my lucid dreams have been perfectly clear and sunny :smile:

I did forget snow. The has been many dreams with snow in them, however I don’t actually recall falling snow. :tongue:

The weather in my dreams is awesome. Sometimes it’s snowing, gloomy, sunny, even raining.

The few times that I’ve had a lucid dream that takes place outside the sky’s always been clear and really sunny and I can always feel the warmth from it. In my last one I was standing on a road and I could feel how hot the road was from the sun :smile: .

As my nick reveals im a weather enthousiast so I remember weather in dreams too :smile:
Very often it comes to thunderstorms. One lucid dream ended when I accidentally flew into a thunderstorm with a jumbojet. Sometimes freezing, Iremember 6 metres of ice and when looking through it I could see liquid water flowing. Recently I also have hurricane dreams but mostly they are only class 1 or low class 2 but I was exited when the eye arrived and I was in it. Snow also occurs sometimes.

Sunny, green grass plains with a bright blue sky never gotten
Any darkness and such.

I recently had a lucid dream in which there was light rain and lightning strikes. Although there were rain clouds above us, sun still shined from somewhere.

The days are sunny, but looking at the Sun doesn’t hurt at all, evenings and nights are warm and windy, very rarely there’s a rainstorm with a huge flood. As soon as I’m lucid, the contrast and color vibrance increases, especially the color of the leaves, and everyting becomes just a little blurry, like it doesn’t reflect light, but instead creates it.

The weather is nice, but simplistic. Occasionally there are scattered clouds, but most often the sky is clear whether day or night. There is never any wind, or ‘temperature’. It’s always in that perfect equilibrium, where you wouldn’t even notice the atmosphere save for breathing.
I seem to remember leaves on trees aren’t always there, so seasons change even though there is never any snow and it always seems to be that same kind of equilibrium. I think its more a matter of my dreams being less vivid than them just having nice weather.

This all is excepting dreams where the weather is a plot point. Tornadoes come with lots of dark clouds and wind and floods come with rain.

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i never have weather in my dreams, they are usually indoor, and when they’re outside i never notice the weather