What's up with Sea Life... [SeaLife Addicts Support Lodge]

Still Down :help:

heh… I wonder what i will do with my life now :confused:

I hope it will be up tomorrow…

oh dear guys…

some not very good sea life news! not only did the domain dreamofpeace.net go into “redemption”, but it will be a WHOPPING 42-day period starting from 29 July, until the site will be avaialable by typing dreamofpeace.net in your browser!

this means a new strategy has had to be put into play, a strategy which is by no means fun to implement! The hosting provider is moving all the fiels over from dreamofpeace.net to

peacetraining.org asap.

which means that theoretically, Sea Life should be available within a day or two, at:


Unfortunately this still means that most of the users of Sea Life, probably won’t know what int he world has happend to Sea Life, for over a month. Unless of course, they visit LD4ALL (which hopefully they will). This means,t hat i’d really appreciate any effort to spread the news of the temporary site address by word of mouth, as this would go a long way to easing the severity of the problem.

Thanks for your support and udnerstanding!


PS. Q - We really do need the sea life addicts support area now, don’t we :smile: It would be greatly apprecaited if you could update the sea life link on the ld4all toolbar to the temporary server, when it’s ready for viewing. Thanks again.


explora, maybe it’s a good time to update your signature. :smile:
and maybe others like DM7 should do the same.

O man, I so happy you made this topic. I had computer probs then I just got them fixed and tried to go on but couldn’t get it to work. Atleast I knw why now.

Well see you later.

Yup. Good idea Dreamaddict!

You’ll see I’ve taken it up with a link to this topic in my signature - I decided to add a little something extra while I was there. :wink:

Dreamwalker - Glad to hear it was a handy post. I’m hoping the hosting company moves the files over to the other server soon. oh yes. please let your fellow dream team members know of this thread, if you have their email addresses…

Good wishes in the meantime…
seeya. nick

Explora ever since i have mozilla firebird i cant get on to sealife :sad: :sad: :sad:
Any idea how this can be, even when i turn back to explorer i cant get in.
No idea what i changed at my pc lol…zone alarm maybe?

Ok if u maybe have a clue thx in advance :smile:

Jeff, how long has this problem been happening?
Maybe it was just bad timing with the down time of Sealife?

Hey Jeff,

I’ve been using Mozilla ever since I started visiting Sea Life, perhaps your switch just coincided with the recent problems?

I’m pretty sure I’ve even been to Sea Life using Firebird with no problems. Either way stick with Firebird you’ll be much happier with that then you ever were with IE.


Is this becuase of the DNS and it taking a while for dreamofpeace.net to propigate? 42 days seems like a long time for the name to propigate to me, but who knows. Anyways I hope that this temporary solution works.


Some months ago already Da :sad:

Yes ypm i stick with firebird, its way better then IE :grin:

wow 42 days! that’s 7 weeks!

what strange that it takes so long?

i have changed the sealife link on the forum to peacetraining.org/sealife :smile:

i hope this one will work soon!

we can spread the word of the new URL in the lucid crossroads meeting dreams :wink:

Seems almost appropriate that when I switch domains, redo the Crossroads images and Sealife make the Crossroads the place to visit for the month Sealife croaks.

Hope you get it sorted soon explora, I know how frustrating computer problems can be. Although I’m a very chilled person I broke my mouse mat today hitting it with the mouse :neutral: I’m on the final stretch with the new 3-D model of the site but its driving me crazy, slow computer, difficult texturing, lighting, etc etc grumble grumble and how difficult is realistic womens long curly hair?!.. very…


Yeah. It’s very strange not to be able to go there. I miss it. Thank the gods for ld4all, eh? Even though I am not remembering my dreams at this time, I still enjoy the dreams and discussions of others. It’s an important part of my life now and has been for some time. :cool:

Hope to be able to meet all of you there again soon!


Oh I will update my signature. :smile: Thanks for reminding me DreamAddict! :biggrin:

Explora, good luck with your website. I know how frustrating it can be! Huggggg

:cool_laugh: [b]hoorah! i found sealife people![/b]
[b]doesn’t feel so damn lost[/b] :tongue:

[b]hey peeps! it’s volcanic_sherbert here. explora, are we able to email you anywhere? your email isn’t working (duh, it’s a sealife one). also, with the forum, wouldn’t you have all the user emails from when they registered…couldn’t you email them to tell them the new URL? :eh: [/b]

[b]good luck with getting the site together :smile:[/b]

:content: I knew that already :wiske:
For the next day or so, we can’t get to the email addresses on sealife, to tell members about this topic. When sealife is up again, the team leaders will be able to get in touch with their missing team members. :wink:

Hi Jeff!

I’m not sure about firefox and sealife, though you have reminded me that i wanted to download it. i have a feeling it might be a problem from your side of teh web, but it might be better to experiment with it, once dremaofpeace.net domain is back up…

Ypm. yes dns changes should not usually take a 42-day period. as i understand it the “redemption period” is a kind of security zone, so noone gets hold of your domain. that’s at least what it hink; perhaps i should askt eh company.

Q. thanks for the link change

Pantalimon. I know it is a real shame abotu the crossorads. If the site can be up and running tomorrow, we migth have another time to do a proper dream camp at the crossroads. something i was relaly looking forward to. Good luck with the updates!

Hiya Greeneyes. Glad you made it over here!

DM7. Thankyou also for updating your link :smile: It is a little frustrating, but i have tried to be pretty calm about the thing. I imagine it’s more frustrating for those people who don’t know what’s going on.

Volcanic Sherbert. Good idea to visit ld4all :smile: yes. as soon as the sea life server is up and running on peacetraining.org, i will send a big group email to all users of the server (though it is important to recognise that many users don’t include their email address)…

in the meantime, i do indeed have another email address. here it is:

feel free to mail me there… apologies for the delay…

seeya everyone. NICK

[b]Shades of King Neptune.

And just when I had my first lucid dream in awhile.

Nick, hang in there.

I guess the Lunar Moon project might be delayed. We shall see.

Of course my dream reflects the project, got some really good stuff.

It is good we have lucid dreaming 4 all Forum.
Also folks can visit Earth First Dreaming School.

I’ll probally have Dolphin Dreaming up about the time Sea Life is back in action.

So in the future we will have some backup.
IN case of emergency, pull this lever:
:help: [/b]

Great idea! Come and join us at Earth First Dreaming School! :cool: I’m really looking forward to Dolphin Dreaming, Sunwolf!

Hang in there, Nick. Come visit us at the efdschool whenever you can!