What's Your Favorite Videogame?

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on sega genesis is my all time favorite I think. I also had a lot of fun causing chaos in GTA london on my brother’s ps1.

Hmm, I also would consider myself an underground gamer. I rarely buy games any more, I download a lot of abandonware off of the net, but when I do buy something I play it a lot. Rez and Uplink would have to be my fave two games in the past 3 or 4 years. Apart from that, ummm, Zelda on the SNES was good (I got to the last castle and my little brother deleted my save game. This happened twice, and by the second time I had basically grown out of it, and so I never quite completed it). Flashback and another world were good, although I broke the Megadrive before I got anywhere on Another world and… For some reason I never completed flashback either. Anyway…

N64: Super Smash Bros. (Melee sucks btw…)

PS2: SSX 3 (Great game imo) and GTA3

Dreamcast: Sonic 2

Gameboy: Pokemon… ugh. Hate the show and even the plot of the game, but its addicting…

Game Gear (Like a huge game boy from Sega): Sonic Adventure 1.

PC: Most PC games suck…

You lucid dreamers should appreciate URU, if you have a decent computer. Competely immersive photo realistic world (a myst sequal, this time you can actually move).
I swear, these guys are no longer in the business of making games, so much as crafting worlds.

Looks like a great thread, i have to think about it though (so many great games), anyways I saw some Halo Fans, i just wanted to know if you saw the new previews to Halo2, its a great Demo, it has a walk through on the first board and its 9 minutes long :cool_laugh: . So many things are different, it looks very promising, i’ll give a link https://gamepro.com/downloads/file_middle.cfm?file_id=4763

That link should work, if it doesnt direct you to the download of Halo2 previews, Type Halo in the search and you’ll find it easily. Goodluck :ok: and enjoy :content:

Lots of games have come and gone but currently it is Morrowind that’s sapping away at my GPA. :grin:

What’s all the hype about those dancing games for??? Why not go “get jiggy with it” at a bar and pick up random girls??? Chicks dig swing dancers. . .

your topic is too vague. Fighting game? Obscure game? RPG? Puzzle? Action-adventure? Sports? Shooter? heh. I don’t know why I even posted. ^.^

Has anyone here ever played konami’s “King’s Valley”? It’s an old arcade game that was one of the first ones that I really got hooked. You had to dig for gems in each screen (15 screens) with pickaxes which you could use once. There were small swords that you could throw at the enemy mummies to make them disappear for a short time. I think I would still enjoy playing it now. :wiske:

This topic is a little broad, i’ll try my best :tongue:

Nintendo-Contra and Something Bike ( alittle motorcycle game), Mario 3
Super Nintendo- Mortal Kombat 2, WWF, Ninja Turtles, Super Mario Brothers
PlayStation-Grand Theft Auto 2, Marvel vs. Capcom,Die Hard (Las Vegas)
N64- Super Smash Brothers, Golden Eye(Bond), Conkers Bad Fur day, Mario Kart, Forsaken,
X-box- Halo, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Soul Calibur, SSX TRICKY
Gamecube-SuperSmash Bros, Nightfire (Bond)

As you can see i only use Nintendo, well i think its the best, atleast :peek:

Definitely old school adventure games (lucas arts, sierra…)

Who’s with me here?

legend of zelda:ocarina of time
Final fantasy 7
and king of fighters '99

OH! My favorite PC Game has got to be Arkanoid, oldest version. Its so great, but now I can’t find it anywhere… All these stupid new Arkanoid 4000s and whatnot. I dont want fancy graphics, I want the game! Javanoid 2 is pretty close though…

I think that my favorite game of all time is one that I can play for hours on end and never get tired of it. So it would have to be GOLDENEYE 007 for N64. My friends don’t want to play me because they never win. those punks. I’m going to go play it right now.

I have the same problem, but i cant play Golden eye anymore, its to slow, retro, and just out of date. Im used to all these new games and all i own is a playstation. Its weird though, whenver i play Tommorrow Never dies or Halo i just win. I dont like to play multiplayer, b/c i dont even have a challenge anymore. My friends that went off to college are to sick at the game, they play so much, they have a game that you can only shoot people in the head to win.

I guess Bond was the Basics, and it evolved me to Halo :happy:

Goldeneye used to be a family favorite in my house a few years ago. It was a fun game that provided a lot of memorable experiences.

Yeah, i played that game so much, i figured out every secret, glitch, and created new ways of playing just to re-invent the fun. That game does spark alot of great memories.

When was the last time you tried to play it? You’ll notice the difference from everyhting else :wink:

Final Fantasy Rules!

Except when you get totally wiped out by Evrae (or whatever the “cheating dragon’s” name is …in FF X just before Breville) everytime you have nearly won the fight! I have lost count how many times my team has been slaughtered this week!
Evrae is dead…I finally got to the end of the fight this morning! :happy:

Actually I played goldeneye just the other day.

Yes I must agree with you there Moogle. FInal Fantasy is pretty much the ultimate gaming series. Also were you stuck on Evrae because I am trying to see if it was just me who was stuck on him or if many people have been. ALso I think it would be pretty funny to watch Evrae do 100 damage to my characters now.

Ftrgot to mention FF7 is definatly my favorite followed by 10,8,2,1,9

Also Zelda series isn’t far behind