Where can I find used and cheap Nova dreamer?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows were to find a used Nova dreamer? Why hasnt LD became comercial and popular if it has been scientifically proofed?

Ld “the ability to create a virtual world and live consciously in it” Sounds like a good inversion to fabric these helpful tecknology massively.

Price for this product is to expensive for most people, so… I was wondering… ¿Can I built my own dream gogles? ¿What would I need?

400 dollar? Thats what I pay for rent. :sad:

I checked amazon.com and ebay, but neither on had a Nova Dreamer for sale. The newest item is the “Dream Maker” but it also seems to cost an arm and a leg. I’d personally wait a while and see if any prices come down.

As to why LDing isn’t wide-spread, I think it’s because people proably don’t want to believe that it’s possible, or they’re too lazy to work at it and since they’re not having them now it’s easier to say that they don’t exist. It’s just denial. I’m finding quite a few people around who’ve heard of them but it just doesn’t play that big of a role in their lives. They’ve got “more important” things to do than think about dreaming all day. :tongue: At any rate, it’s popularity is still fairly recent, even if the theory isn’t. Give it a few years and I’d say that the majority of people will know about LDs by then.

As for building your own, I’m not sure how you would go about doing it. I’m sure there are some posts here that ask that same question so you can probably look for those.

If you can’t find it on ebay, they might be hard to find. And you should try MILD first, if that doesn’t work at all for you, the novadreamer won’t probably work for you either. Because to use it you have to be able to recognice dreamsigns for what they are.

I,m concern a litttle bit about people begining to accept its existence. As you said, “people claims to have more important things to do right now”. But what would happen when they realize that they can create and live in the reality they want, they´ll probly could start thinking that being asleep is better than waking life. Our culture is pretty hedonistic, live for pleasure, work for pleasure, etc… If we can have anything in dreams, people could break comunication with each other. I mean, ¿if I can have lucid sex for example with Britney Spears every night, wouldnt that be a problem for dating real people.?

Imagine a whole world living only in their own brains, waking only to eat and pee. Conected to ourselfs, in love with ourselfs…mmm…sorry for being too negative. This sounds like “The matrix”

Virtual reality could make us insane, thats why Yoguis dont use dreams for having fun, and satisfy desires, its not the point to have powers, but to find inner freedom to them. Lucid dreaming with no spirtual objetives… ¿could be our end?.

In our days, dreams are not so atracctive for they are not real, but if they began to be experience them as real, or more real than anything, wouldnt it be a little bit dangerous?

oni i agreee with you but what about all the good lucid dreaming can do with ending fears and prepareing yourself. i am sure that some people will use LDing for the wrong puposes but many more will be useing for the right puposes . plus it take patience to learn to Ld and the people that would use LDing in the wrong way will probly have a little amount of patience. but i dont want alot of people to know about LDing i would just be annoying all these stupid people flooding the forums with dumb questions ( i think im contradicting my self again )

To answer the first question. There is no place to get a cheap nova dreamer. A used one will cost you almost as much as a new one. (BTW- the nova dreamer is out of production). I suggest using some creativity and make your own. For example you could hook a strobe light up to a timer and get almost the acme effect. You don’t get rem detection but, it’s a lot cheaper (less then 50 bucks) and you do not have to sleep with a mask on which many people find uncomfortable.

A word of caution about the dream maker. A few people on this forum have ordered one but have not yet received it.

Well this I think belongs in the philosophers cloud but, I’ll comment anyway.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong reason to learn lucid dreaming. If people want to learn lucid dreaming just to have a personal playground I don’t necessarily see that as wrong.

Anyway I will have some more thoughts on this shortly. I need to take a (hopefully) brief brake.

I guess people thinks that lucid dreaming isn’t that real or that exciting. You just know it feels as RL when you experience it, but for most people this topic just doesn’t gets their attention and don’t even try it. A lot of people still thinks that lucid dreaming is an esoteric topic, some people even think it has to do with craft! I think it’s not popular for those reasons.

before you buy the dream maker check thisout.

I think more people are starting to accept lucid dreaming as real. Look at how fast the forums are growing. The lucidity Institute does workshops on it. I have run into people who at least herd of it. Lucid dreaming has also been a topic on a few sitcoms and in movies. The word is getting out so, it is just a matter of time before it becomes widely accepted.

The main barrier (I believe) is that people don’t really think it is possible until they have one. I was the same way. I believed it (but, not really) until I had my first one. I think the same is true for a lot of people.