Where to now?

I need some help from the experts on this one. I remembered a couple of dreams last night. Been writing about four pages in my DJ on them alone. I noticed in the second one that there was a computer screen that displayed gibberish, but my mind didn’t catch on that this was a dream. Whats more, a plane crashed into the powerpole outside, so it shouldn’t have been on in the first place. So where do I go from here? Do I just continue writing dreams down in my DJ, or do I start some of the techniques?


Well, I guess I can’t really call myself an expert, but as a fellow dreamer experiencing the same things, I guess I can qualify.

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Most things that happen in dreams follow no logic whatsoever. I’ve had a lot of dreams where the weirdest things happen, but they seem perfectly normal. I’d suggest writing all the details in your DJ like you have been. If you feel like you want to act on a particular dreamsign, then you can use various techniques (or even your own) to explore them deeper.

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you might start using some of these weird dreamsigns for your reality checks. I have had no luck with RCs at all (I suck at them) but you may be different :smile: just remember at night to think to yourself “if something illogical happens in my dream, I will realize I’m dreaming and become lucid.” this will probably help a lot!

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there’s the link, just for reference. thanks Snape for mentioning that! :smile:

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Yes I do think too that you should start doing techniques by now. With those dreamsigns you’re getting, MILD would be a good technique, and it would be better to do lots of RCs in the day. However once you start doing the techniques, don’t stop writing in your DJ, even if you get LDs don’t stop writing in your DJ, because the DJ keeps your recall going. Good Luck, and remember, that with patience everyone eventually reaches lucidity :smile:

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I see no reason why you cant start using induction techniques.

Don’t forget to study your dreams as well. Don’t just write them down then forget about them. You especially want to look for recurring dream signs. Gently remind yourself that you will notice them if they show up in your dreams.

Reality checks are also an important part as well. Ask your self. “Am I dreaming” and really consider the possibility that you are then prove that you are not. I am serious about this it is very important and I know it sounds silly but this alone can give you lucid dreams.

Look around the forum and pick an induction technique like WILD or MILD and start practicing it. Stay consistent with your practice and sooner or later you will have a lucid dream.

Happy Dreaming