Which is the best way for me???

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Usually when I go to bed, it takes me a long time–like at least an hour—for me to fall asleep. It takes me even longer if i lay there and think about stuff. Anyway, the point is that I would love to have lucid dreams–I have become very interested in them—and i was just wondering which method would be best for me–I will try anything. :grin: :help:

I’d try with MILD to begin with, then perhaps do WBTB+WILD since you have trouble falling asleep.

I would do MILD, but the best thing for you is DILD, at least it works for me.

:smile: Thanks I think Ill try MILD tonight and since i almost always wake up in the middle of the night, maybe i will try WILD then. Ummmm… Im kinda “slow” and i would really like to do this right, so could some post a reply that tells exactly how to try MILD. Thanks peoples! :thumbs:

“The MILD technique is a common technique used to induce a lucid dream at will by setting an intention, while falling asleep, to remember to recognize that one is dreaming, or to remember to look for dream signs when one is in a dream.” - Wikipedia

This intention to get lucid can be achieved by auto suggestion and/or repeating a mantra (such as “In my dream I will know I am dreaming” whatever suits you best) while falling asleep.

edit: oh silly me… This topic has it all: MILD FAQ