Which is the most effective?

Last night I managed to do 5 WILD starts, but as soon as I thought: “I am dreaming” I woke up again! :help:

First :welcome: at ld4all!

I don’t quite know what answer do you want, but I’ll try. It seems that you are getting too excited once you realize that you are in a dream. Stay calm so you don’t wake up and maybe try to stabilize it by i.e. rubbing your hands. :smile:

Well it seems that my brain interprets “Im dreaming!” as “wake up” and everything starts to fade… I did try to hold onto it by saying “Increase lucidity” but it was half faded and didnt work :confused:

So the question Im looking for is:

For a newb at LDs (Like me XP) which is the easiest/quuickest/most effective way of LDing?

Well first of all, you need to take it easy and don’t long for it too much, because this will only create stress and make you insanely disappointed everytime you don’t succeed.
Try writing down all details in your dreams, and make regular reality checks during the day; it might be a good idea to set your cell-phone on Snooze mode so it reminds you every ten minutes. :tongue:
Really try to convince yourself that you could in fact be dreaming at any moment.
As soon as you think - “hey, this COULD be a dream!”, do a reality check.
With some luck you will start doing this in your dreams as well, which will make you more aware and hopefully trigger your logical thinking.

Also don’t think of “normal” dreams as “failures” - remember that in order to even get a lucid dream you WILL need to get a feel for normal dreams first and discover your own typical dreamsigns.
It’s just like any other form of practice - if you for example start practising the guitar it will take a long time before you can change chords without a great effort, but that doesn’t mean you “fail” - rather, you strive to become better and need to make mistakes in order to learn anything.
Same with dreams.

Thanks Laurelindo,

I know I shouldnt get upset when it doesnt work, but its hard not to, y’know? When you’ve been following each precise instruction and you are nearly succesful, its just…

Anyway! Should I continue trying WILD or should I use another technique?

I think you should try several techniques.
Try the Wake-Back-To-Bed technique for example, it’s said to be one of the most effective ones.

I would except my house is rather small and my mum would not appreciate being woken up in the middle of the night… Blargh!

I only know WILD, MILD and WBTB

any others?

Your problem seems to be dream stabilization - at the beginning of a WILD, you need to make the dream more stable, by immersing yourself in it, and begin using more senses than just touch to explore your surroundings.
You can have a look at a guide or two on how to prolong a dream you’re having.
Good luck on your quest :smile:


I have looked at a guide but I seem to be pulled away from the dream as soon as I realise Im dreaming, which is really annoying!

Ill try again tonight

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You already have some great answers above :tongue:

One thing though, you can simply tell yourself to wake up in the middle of the night. Repeat in your head a few times before bed and affirmation such as “I am going to wake up in the middle of the night”, or whatever. this way you don’t have to put an alarm :content: Cellphone alarms with no sound, only vibration, works for me, I don’t know if you’re a heavy sleeper…

And I see you’ve found the FILD topic. There are lots of little variations of techs you can try out. Every one is different and a little detail done differently may just work for you. Good luck!