White blobs/small hypnagogic images?

Hi, first time poster here, long time lurker. I used to keep a dream journal and what not back when I was very interested in this sort of thing, but over time I lost interest and basically got lazy/gave up. Anyways my interest in lucid dreaming has piqued again and recently I’ve been trying to lucid dream using the WILD method. This afternoon was my 8th real attempt. I got past the relaxing/vibrating stage pretty quickly as I usually do, but for some reason all I get beyond that are white blobs and very small, very faint hypnagogic images. This has happened every time I’ve tried to WILD and frankly, it has become quite frustrating. How do I get past this? Am I supposed to focus more? Am I trying too hard? What do I do?

A lot of times when people do WILD they get too focused on their bodies and on HI. The natural reaction is “hmm, that didn’t work so I must try harder.” The thing with WILD is that you just have to let the dream form around you. All of that junk about keeping still and not swallowing really hasn’t gotten a lot of people anywhere.

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