Who do you want to see in your lucid dreams?

The list is getting longer for me, the latest inclusion would be my own dreamkeeper :content:

I want to see the starship voyager and work on it as it were my real life for months.

Brizglace that’s awesome… I myself am wanting to see more of Kevin Smith
who plays Ares

mmmmmmmm mmm

Id really love to see Jesus, or an Angel in my dreams

i wanna see Pamela Anderson! :eek:
always had a thing for her when i was younger, still do
now i can actually get my hands on her :tongue:

I met the girl of my dreams this summer, but since she lives in Japan, we can’t see each other for a long time now. I would love to meet her in my dreams. Then maybe I wouldn’t feel so lonely… :cry:

My biggest goal is to meet someone. Not because of love or other things like that - just want to meet that person… and it’s way to personal to tell you about it :tongue:

Sorry for making you curious :smile:

I would love to meet some of my favourite bands, The Beatles, Radiohead, Queen…
Also maybe some Harry Potter characters and any character from a Hayao Miyazaki film (anyone here like his work?)
Hmm who else… Gandhi, Johnny Depp, Shakespeare, Buddha, Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands, Jean Dominique Bauby, some ninjas haha.
And just people. Interesting characters that I could have in depth conversations with.
And maybe myself? Would love to see me from another point of view… if that’s possible haha.
Lots more…

I would love to meet Billy Connolly because he seems like a hilarious guy to hang out with and Michael Mcintyre would be a great laugh! :grin: :happy: :woo:

My SC. Aliens. Stuff like that.

My dream guide would be cool, if I even have one. (Hot women are also always welcome, off course)

I would love to see Timothy and his family again, at his castle, of course. Also, Ask (weird name, I know), my DG. James Roday, Darren Cris, Lucille Ball, and Tony Shaloub. Also, I might want to meet my parents when they were younger. :tongue:

I would like to make a new person, like a dream friend I can summon in every lucid dreams. I would feel a little less lonely and I could talk with someone, play around with powers and stuff ! :tongue:

Other than that, my girlfriend and the hottest girls at school. I swear to you, my school has the best girls ever lmao.

Pink Floyd all the way. Oh, and general George S. Patton.

And Stanley Kubrick.

I always end up hanging out with video game characters in my dreams.
I met the happy mask salesman, princess peach, bowser, and KOS-MOS.

…But my absolute favorite is Albedo Piazzolla…my favorite psycho. :grin:

I want to meet fictional beings (e.c. video game and cartoon characters) and some famous stars from WL.

My first lucid dream magically occured right where I would have chosen to be anyway! Right beside my wifeeyyyy Angelina Jolie :wink:

I agree with The Dude… Big Lebowski is a tradition with me and my brother to watch every christmas eve, unless we’re too drunk and we forget so we do it the next morning.


Dude Lebowski
Peter Griffin
The Red Hot Chili Peppers
My dog who died last year
Will Ferrel
Steven Colbert and John Stewart
Biggie and Tupac
Some Pornstars
Everyone in Pineapple Express - especially Saul

[b]I would most like to be in the ocean and, rather than a who its a what- dolphin, turtles, whale shark etc any of those turning up would suit me just fine.

if I have to choose a someone it would be my son, i have so much to ask and it would be nice to get to know him in a place where anything can happen. Although thats kind of bordering on NDE becauser as far as can ascertain you dont meet people that are no longer in this life unless they are leading you into your next. Hmmm perhaps that wouldnt be such a good idea after all :crazy: [/b]

It would be fun to summon Will Smith as J and Doc House, and take a coffee together…

I’m laughing just by thinking about that xD