Who stole my colors?!

Hi there :3

When trying to WILD i just dont see any random colors or whatsoever…If i let my thoughts wander, I sometimes forget that im currently in bed. But suddenly I realize it and it feels like a cloak falling off of me.

But my problem is, i don’t really see any random colors or pictures…where should i expect them? On the inside of my physical eyelids? In my mind?

Greetings ;>

The colors you’re talking about are the beginnings of HI. You’ll begin to see them as you keep your eyes close, and will usually begin as a darkish purple. In fact, if you close your eyes right now you’ll notice that it’s not entirely black.

But rather than try to explain it in words, I’m going to point you to this WILD tutorial found on our knowledge base. It has some pictures giving you a rough idea of when and how you should see the HI. This WILD FAQ can also help you out if you have other questions.

The only other thing I would recommend for WILD is to attempt it 5 1/2 hours after you first go to sleep. HI will come on a lot quicker at this time.

I have this exact same problem. i seem to lay in bed for an endless 30 minutes without any change in my physical vision. my mind wanders, and i get visions in my minds eye, but not in my actual eyes. I don’t really know why this is… i have been practicing lucid dreaming for a while, so i’m fairly certain that i’m doing my WILD correctly. i use it with WBTB, i do relaxing exercises, etc. When i have a successful WILD, however, i get intense auditory hallucinations. much more intense than i have ever read somebody else describe them as. they come on after what seems to be a timeless darkness… i can’t judge the time that i’m in this state. It’s almost like a feeling of nonexistance, i know when it ends, but i can never clearly tell when or how it starts. I find it frustrating that i don’t get HI like most other people describe it as… My tip would be to try a variation ofWILD that uses visualization rather than physical vision. I’ve heard that this is more difficult for most people, but it may work for you (and maybe for me if i ever get around to trying it…).

Thank you Rhewin, but i have already read this. I even had successfull WILD attempts, but i just dont see any colors. I did it twice now and both times I didnt see anything. My body did jerk and stuff, but I didnt see any HI/HH or hear sounds.
It just took a while, but then BAM I am in a dream knowing that I’m dreaming from the outset.

Edit: And I forgot to say welcome to LD4al :welcome:

The HI aren’t actually a requirement, they’re just basically a dream slowly forming around you. I do know of several people who don’t get them, so I wouldn’t let it discourage you. The biggest thing is to just stay passively focused until the dream happens. HI, SP, jolts, jerks… they’re all just side effects. As long as you ultimately get a dream in the end, that’s all that matters. If you do feel that it is negatively affecting the way you WILD, then you might want to switch to VILD where you imagine the same dream scene over and over.

As far as I’m aware neither is more difficult than the other. I know I have an easier time with VILD, and several other people claim the same. Then again, others claim the reverse. It’s only difficult if you make it difficult.

Actually i have been here for months now, but thanks for the welcome anyways!
And thank you for the tips and the encouragement :smile:

One would hope I would be more observant :tongue: