WHOA...was I close to LDing?

Hey guys, long time reader, first time poster.

Yesterday I experimented with LDing for the first time. What I did was lie in bed till I got sleepy, then closed my eyes and just focused.

You know the Windows screensaver that has stars flying past the screen? Well that’s what I saw except the stars were red and there were a lot more of them. I kept focusing on this image until a new one formed.

The new one was circular, like I was looking at it through a telescope. I tried to focus in on it, but it just flew away. Eventually I just fell asleep. What was that? It wasn’t a lucid dream because I wasn’t asleep, but it was a spinning image…help…confused… :neutral: Was I close to LDing?

P.S The red flying stars thing…I can see them whenever I focus at any time. Like if I’m sitting in class and close my eyes, I’ll see them after a split second when I start focusing. I can see them right now if I wanted to. Does anyone know what they are? Are they normal?


That sounds alot like HI, Was you doing WILD?

Yes it does sound like you were close…

Though the only thing i can really recommend (if you were wilding) is concentrate harder (i know crappy advice but really thats all you can really be told :tongue:)

Yeah with WILD, concentrating is important (Although I think too much may stop you sleeping). In my experience, believing you can do it can also help a lot.

Yeah I was WILDing…thanks for the advice guys.

But I’m confused…what do I do while I’m having HI? Do I just wait for it to become an LD?


I think it varies from person to person. I’m actually trying to learn this too, as I think I have reached the same stage. :grin: Seeing Vivid HI.

Some people step into the dream, others do nothing until they enter the dream, some try to keep a thought in a separate part of their mind.
And I think there are probably other things people do. I think the only way you can find the one that works for you is to try different ideas. I also think the different WILD based techniques are worth reading. They’s an interesting page in the knowledge base that contains links to information about them under WILD Variants.

BTW about the red stars, it sounds like HI to me. I used to get swirling colours after a short time of closing my eyes. I think it’s normal. :cool:

About my HI…it was pretty wierd lol. It was a windmill made out of legos :open_mouth:

Really :smile:

Mine was in third person :eh: perhaps not so helpful for starting an LD. I suppose in HI anything is possible just like in a dream :cool: