Whose DCs have said the strangest things?

Who’s DCs have said the strangest things?

I know that some days I’ll just have the strangest dreams, where a dream character will say something completely ludicrous. Actually, I have said some strange things in dreams, too. This is a thread to post any particularly amusing/cryptic/strange/disturbing things that dream characters have shared with you…

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I did the quest this month (but I post at the NL forum for this :wink:) and there was a girl… she was my fear… But I didn’t get it, so I asked her why… she said ‘‘there is a whole story about that!’’ when I asked her, what the story is, she said ‘‘That is something I still have to invent.’’

Well okeeh…But now I know what she meant by that :smile:

Gimli once told me the ‘secret of dwarven invulnerability’. He said that they remove the most vulnerable part of themselves, their brain, and keep it locked away in an iron casket, forever safe from harm. Legolas happened to overhear the conversation and remarked; “Well that explains a lot.”

Dream characters CAN say some very random things. :eek:

Amusing. xD
In my dream last night, someone started conducting my class as if we were a band, and then everyone started shouting “Two! Two!” And someone else began singing very loudly, in a high-pitched voice, “And a happy new year!” (From: We Wish You A Merry Christmas) =P

I’ve been told plenty of weird jokes in dreams before. I usually find them hilarious in dreams, but when I wake up and remember them they aren’t funny at all. DC’s tend to use made-up words in conversations too, and I can easily offend them by saying things that wouldn’t offend anyone in real life.

That part about the jokes happens to me alot. And made up words… they seem to make so much sense in the dreams, but beyond that… :stuck_out_tongue:

On Saturday night, I had this dream with Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander (I love that movie!), and we got spurted with blood and he started rambling about how ‘exhilerating’ it was while Will Ferrel (he was in the dream as well) was like “AHH!” like he did in Elf when he ate the perfume.

I laughed so hard when I woke up and realized it was a dream, because it made no sense.

Yes, me too! I’ve had dreams where I laugh REALLY hard and when I wake up it doesn’t even make sense! I guess our sense of humor in dreams is a bit… different.

Weirdest thing? That would be when a DC told me “you’ve sat yourself”, whatever that’s supposed to mean!

Hm, the weirdest thing a DC has said… not much material to browse here. But I’ve had a fair amount of weird occurances:

[ND](At the sports hall at school. Everyone is aimlessly running about.)
Someone stops
Teacher: Don’t change the options!

(At a cinema. Me and my family go up the stairs, where the actual cinema is.)
Pimple-faced kid: You’re lucky. Only eight families are allowed to go up, you know.

(My brother walks down a hallway to the right, then comes out of a hallway to the left)
Me: How can you do that?
Brother: Well, I just can.

(I was fighting zombies, armed with a knife. Afterwards…)
Me: We’re getting nowhere with this. I need a firearm or something.
Grandma: Well, your aunt has a crowguard.
Me: A what?
Grandma: It solved the problem last time. She needed to put a chair on it though.
Me: But- wakes up[/ND]

Maybe there’s more. But that’s all that I remember right now.

My DCs tend to say strange stuff… I remember hearing/reading (not sure) a prophecy about a zombie outbreak in a recent dream. It said “The tempo has come”. “Tempo” is “Time” in Portuguese. For some reason that was the only word in Portuguese (my mother language).

Oh, and I’ve just remembered another one from a couple of weeks ago when a woman said “Wouldn’t it be great if I realised this was a dream right now and became lucid, enabling me to control the dream” or similar. And I STILL didn’t realise it was a dream! Although, reading this topic has made me notice that my DCs tend not to talk actual words that I can remember - more like, I know what they’re saying without them having to speak., if this makes any sense…

i’m not sure if this has ever happened to anybody else… but a DC in one of my dreams used a word that i have no recollection of ever hearing IRL. So… my subconcious knew a word that my waking mind does not know… I was FASCINATED by this. The word was “prophetic.” I knew the root word was prophecy, but i had never heard it used in this form. it was a mindblowing experience :tongue:

just a few nights ago i had an LD, at one point i jumped out of a window of a building and landed in a lake. i started to swim around to see what was down there since i could breathe underwater and had never done that yet. once i got to the bottom there was an old man with grey hair yelling “HOW DID YOU GET TO THIS WORLD?!?”. i woke up right after that wondering what was up haha. it was quite amusing=D

I was eating a pie and my cousin said “You want to turn me into one of those, don’t you?” :tongue:
I rarely remember the exact words when people talk in my dreams though…

My personal favorite is when:

Me: (In neighbor’s house) Holy crap! Someone needs to break out the ant traps!
Neighbor: Hiya, and welcome to Friendlys’! Would you like to see the mice invade?
(In the dream there were streams of mice invading the world, they were all pouring out from UFOs. Hundreds of them. :tongue: )

I was in the middle of a lucid dream with a DC who happened to be a friend of mine though he doesn’t exist in waking life, I know him in random dreams) and this si the first time I am actually lucid with him around. Well he gets into a fight with this guy and I naturally have to fight him, and at one point I summon a shield on my arm to prevent being shot. Later during this fight, I am caught up and quickly losing lucidity, so when the guy is about to hit me with something heavy he just picked up, my friend yells at me “Dude, just do the magical shiled thing again!” Which instantly reminds me of my own lucidity. I don’t suppose it’s that weird, but given my dreams almost never involve talking, I find it really odd that a DC of all things would remind me that I’m dreaming.

I had a LD last night where it looked like I was seeing through one eye only. So after trying to open the other one twice, I asked a DC why I could only see through one eye and he said “Nero can do two things at once, you can’t.”


Could Nero be a character from a film or book, which you don’t remember anymore? Not that he/she would have necessarilly been a multitasking superhero… But just the name.

And yet, it took me about 5 seconds to realize that ‘nero can do 2 things’ refers to 2 eyes. :wnvoss:

Unfortunately I don’t get to talk to my DCs much. I wish I did. :sad: