Why can't I become lucid?

I’ll admit, I don’t normally do an RC very often, and I have been slacking in my dream journal. And, I have found a technique that works for me. BUUUTTT, I can’t normally do that technique because I need to use my mom’s computer. And the reality check I do, I don’t think, can become a habit. I now just become more aware of my environment and hope, so I basically gamble with my dreams now. I can tell I’m one of those who would become lucid really quick if I could just find the right technique that I could use every night. I don’t like WILD or FILD, or any of those physical techniques, so I’m worried that I might be hopeless. Any tips? I’ve only been into lucid dreaming around a week and a few days, and my first lucid dream started fading instantly, if that helps.

What about binaural beats I heard they work really well for some people. They didn’t work for me but theres no harm in trying! :smile:

I don’t use those because I know they have “placebo effect” written all over them, and once you know that something would only work if you believe it will, it probably won’t, and knowing that would probably decrease it too, and so on and so on.

Ah fair play to you. I can’t really give you much advice then because I am struggling also but good luck anyway :wink:

You’re doing better than me; I’ve had only one lucid and I’ve been trying for a month. The important thing to remember is that lucidity is hard to attain. Having one LD in a bit over a week is actually great progress, and the fact that it faded doesn’t make it any less spectacular.

Well, there’s your problem. If you don’t think it’s a habit, it’s not. If you think it is, it is.

If not being able to perform one technique means having to merely hope for you, then you’re not going to get far. Try some other technique. There’s MILD, WILD, VILD, FILD, CALD, DEILD, etc. Besides, you’ve only been at this for little more than a week–that’s not enough time to know that you don’t like all of the aforementioned techniques.

You’re ignoring the #1 rule of lucid dreaming: the placebo effect is your best friend. Merely believing that a LD technique will work makes success much more likely.

Lucidity is only hard to attain if you think its hard to attain. You should change your view on how “hard” it is, and think of it as something that is actually easy to attain. When you view lucidity as something that is hard to attain, you are hammering that thought into your subconscious, and by doing that it will make it much harder to become lucid. I usually even tell myself before I go to bed that I will have a lucid dream, and it will be easy to have one.

/me shrieks in repulsion.

Never, EVER say something like that, EVER again. Lucidity is only as hard as we make it to be. I hope you realize the connection between the two phrases of yours I’ve quoted.

Actually, one thing that has to be figured out is that most of the time, we are trying our best not to be lucid. Think about it for a moment, when you are in a dream, instead of flailing around, and being dragged into every single little event that takes place, talking, doing, battling, fishing. what if you stopped for a moment instead, and just paused your thoughts? I wouldn’t be surprised if you realized that very moment it was a dream, in fact that’s a way I’ve gotten lucid myself more than once.
One has to realize it has actually to stop struggling in order to become more lucid. Stopping being dragged away by the flow of whatever happens around, and just learning to keep centered, and at peace, an active observer, but still an observer. That way it becomes much easier to recognize what you’re doing, and if you’re finding yourself in a dream or not.

With hope you’ll find more confidence in yourself. :smile:

yep2yel, remember that a technique is just an instrument, and that becoming lucid depends ultimately on you. So be confident you’ll make it, and go to bed full of hope ^^ also, placebo effect is kind of the main thing that works here :tongue:, since the whole thing is taking place in your mind, and if your mind is convinced you’ll make it, the chances pretty much raise a great deal :content:
As for the lucid fading, you’ll have to learn how to stabilize a dream. You can have a read at the “Prolonging LD’s” guide we have here, or at the first part of the DCTC I have in my sig. Good luck to you. :wink:

“Do or do not. There is no try” -Yoda


If you think obtaining LDs is a difficult thing to do, then it will be. If you think LDs are easy to obtain then it will be easy. It’s all on how you view or percieve things. Also if you back this up with more positive thinking, then I’m sure you’ll see some results. LDing is 99.99% mental.

So true. The extreme form of doing your best is that you either sucseed or die in the attempt (although thats not recommended :smile: ). There is a saying that I find holds true to many aspects of life: “Those who say it cant be done shouldnt interupt the people doing it.” Instead of deciding you cant lucid dream, stop and think. Unless you actually have a mental impairment, all people’s brain abilitys are equal (how much you use that ability on the other hand, is a different matter entirely). If there are plenty other people sucsessfully having LDs, then with enough hard work, determination, and practice, you can too! Your outlook on life should be, “If he can do it, so can I.”

I’ve been having trouble lucid dreaming.

I rarely have them anymore, and when I do, I don’t have good dream control.

Any advice?

Hey there! Have you been keeping a dream journal lately? How is your sleep schedule? What are you actively doing to try to dream?

Also, you may want to start a new thread for questions like this; it might help you get some answers faster. Having said that some of the replies on this thread are quite good.