Why not just use any small movement for WILD?

There’s FILD and the whole EILD thing. What makes these particular bodily movements so special as anchors? Why not move the eyes once in a while when losing focus, or wiggle the toes or something else subtle? This could be a whole way to WILD, where you find something somatic that works for you and do the other steps of WILD.

Hello again bankeinanin,

WILD technique is a rather “abstract” idea of LDs that are started from being awake. Since it’s so abstract, you need to make it your own when using it.

Because everyone is different and it’s important to adapt it for you. And we have seen reports of successes related to these small movements you have written about.

I suggest you to try these. I will try them if I have the opportunity as well. Please report if you have any success.

Be sure to read as well: Making WILD your own.

Thank you. I will take a look at that link

Instructions for FILD actually sometimes include a note that it doesn’t have to be fingers. But I find it most convenient and can understand why it’s popular with fingers.

I’ve read from one guy that it works with toes (or worked at least once) for him.

It can definitely be done with other movements. When I was really tired once, I just did nose RCs over and over, with 0 - 5 seconds in between. That actually worked, too, even though the movement wasn’t that subtle.

This are variations of WILD. I guess they mostly work for people better then “pure” WILD because people usually struggle with falling asleep at the right time. If they do nothing just rest and observe the progress then they either fall asleep or they are too much focused and that’s keeping them from falling asleep therefore dreaming.

By doing movements you’re actually 1. more mentally awake because you are thinking about doing it and 2. you actually do the movement. So if you’re about to fall asleep you do remember to move fingers and you don’t fall asleep. It raises you’re awareness just enough to make a transition from waking state into the dream state.