its a valid typo, solar lexus, materialism is most definitely within the first 3 chakras.

about solar symbolism i suppose that the sun astrologically has negative / positive traits most definitely, it is responsible for becoming a leader and having charisma and motivational power

but the chakra itself seems to be useful only in that you might experience happiness, joy, fulfillment, or perform energetic hearings.

ex : fundamentalist religion : throat chakra, ideas , stories, mythologies, archetypes, if you get beyond that you can see that the archetypes are illusions
so , story story story :
you identify with that,
solar plexus : YOU’RE GOING TO HELL ,
= fear of exploring the archetypes, questioning, coming to your own understands


now, tv, i am not sure it seems to also mess up our throat chakra with its tones but it also puts real images into our minds, so that’s another example of mind control where the solar plexus is manipulated into fear and hate , in various configurations in combination with stories and hypnosis to make people think that “something” is true, when it is just a fanciful

when people start to question things on their own , they a would encounter the fear of DOG barking at them at those pearly gates , so to speak, which cannot be what the true God is ,

sometimes i want to get a sign that says BEWARE OF GOD and put it on a church , but then i realize that’s hilarious to me but they must be getting something from it, so i should let them be,

now if you take the fear out its
throat chakra : stories, lectures, etc,
heart chakra : God loves you
no control mechanisms.
but then you get COMMANDMENTS , OR YOU DIE :
solar plexus : it doesn’t matter what’s right, do what i say , i am the man,

whats messed up in the hizzle is that , in the olden days the natives told you stories not to entertain necesssarily, or control, or confuse, but to help you grow into wisdom and maturity, the archetypical stories, the way they use the images, they are there to empower you

but now our dream world is taken over by people that are not scrupulous so tp speak, if you identify with being a “German” and having an “enemy” or identify with being “white” or this and that, well, who is your identity serving ? you can’t have an identity without stories and culture!

that’s why pink floyd says stop “educating” the children, they need to separate their future from our past, because our past is a sea of confusing ideas that are invented by people with agendas, generally speaking. but it was not that before, when the elder was wise, now the elder gets his wisdom from the news.

its a real treat being in the presence of a wise Native Elder, Sonia can attest to this too :smile:

(your heros to ghosts, hot ashes for trees, pink floyd, wise, but conflict theory so often, that it makes you pessmistic , we will come out of the time of trading in gold for pyrite

"think we know, oblivious though, unified clones, sit like stones, upon thrones , of fools gold, looking bold, but all alone… " - dredg, a very incredible band, not pessimistic either )

the wisdom of the ages often comes through artists initially and i really admire the message “think for yourself, question authority.” it is also what Jesus said “questino everything, hold fast to that which is true.”
anyone who tries to kill you for asking questions, ( of which censorship , don’t you want to be a good child? etc, you know, those sorts of things ) probably doesn’t know what he’s talking about
in olden tymes they would just KILL YOU smack

with a sword or something, ebcause that’s how hyper active the solar plexus was with the idea of “good and evil” and things like this, now they just give you some pills or counsel you or try to convince you with long arguments, but really if you cannot break down anyone’s argument peace by peace and say , i see, that is interesting, what about ?

and get a reciprocal exchange going :yinyang: then they are biased in some way

is this relevant to wiccans ? yes it is very much so, they are trying to claim their identity as something , rather than letting someone else do it, even though its also a fad and a trend, which is a trick to watch out for . and they might just get an army of concerned units with conversion software trying any technique they can to try to convince you otherwise

this is why we respect, coexist, live and let live, try to learn, share what WORKS not what you’ve heard.

the only issue with Christianity is they are lost in the lower chakras, when Jesus was a divine being, and he spoke eloquently about the inner absorption of divine light through the inner eye , and yet, the Christians keep the inner eye shut and think its evil. this is the only problem, false authority .

at the end of the day, people within material consciousness will think that saying a pledge of allegiance means you are “saved” so they will say “here say this prayer, okay have a nice day go home you’re saved, tell 47 million people the news.”
that is a very false way truly , and by no means are all beings within the main religions like this
there is great beauty within them but the beauty has to be our own understanding it cannot be forced upon us ,

a wise man, a healer, a teacher, a knower, a seer, they do not control you , they look at you as best they can and with wisdom guide you to your own freedom, but a belief system is the opposite.

please do not repeat these ideas to your parents, etc, unless they are open minded, or they will freak out !

its very hard to convince people that its okay to be who you are, sometimes.

my grandmother kept telling me that my hair style was only for black people, for instance.

blind people say my hair is ugly and yet its awesome and wonderful and i get compliments on it when i am around people of a similar vibration to me, go figure,

you can’t let the blind lead you astray and control your dignity.

it would be like an android,
beep bop boo, let me fix you
all better, then it buzzes along,
ask Dr Seuss “Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.”

red pill , blue pill

i will say , the children , that are disorderly, they are wise, for they know that the schools are wrong, for what is a building’s good if it disonnects you from sunlight ? do you really think with all our money and wisdom and genius we cannot make a school that is geometrically perfect and allows the sunlight in , in such a way that it is a pleasant peaceful atmosphere ?

the children are right to rebel and , wrong to be medicated, although much of their behavior is anti-social and disturbing and that must come from the tv, the upbringing, the family , and that is not good, but in principle they are right,

find out what children like about school, and what they love in a teacher, and build the school for them, not for the blind allegiance of test standards.

as my psychology teacher once said “fear is the enemy of learning”
he taught people to be unafraid of tests,

for this reason, anyone who says “fear god” is , truly , purely insane ,

BE IN AWE, is the correct translation,

:anx: Okay, um, back on topic… Anyone here read any good books on Wicca or other forms of Neopaganism recently?

does the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall count ?

Eh… No, sorry. :ohno: Crystals are beautiful n’ all, but that could be categorized as simply “New Age.” I’m talking more along the lines of any literature on the practices / history / beliefs of a specific Neopagan (or Paleopagan) tradition & if/how you’re applying that to whatever spiritual path you make for yourself.

For example, I am currently reading a fascinating book by Raven Grimassi titled Italian Witchcraft: The Old Religion of Southern Europe. It takes an historical analysis of the Craft, from Neolithic cave paintings of antlered gods, to ancient Etruscan civilization, to Italian folklore, with particular attention paid to “Stregheria,” the Italian flavor of witchcraft. The book explains how all of this could have been transmitted via family traditionalism & practiced in secret :peek: by the Italian countryfolk, and that it could very well be a major root, if not the taproot itself, of Wicca.

The author also provides an interesting take on the popular Neopagan “goddess of witchcraft” figure: Aradia. Grimassi believes that Charles Leland’s Aradia: Or the Gospel of the Witches is in fact a distorted fable of a witch that actually existed. He proposes rather that this “goddess” was actually a maiden who lived in 14th century Italy, named Aradia di Toscano. According to the book, Aradia became a witch after being introduced to the Craft by her grandmother. After having a vision :universe: of a future revival of La Vecchia Religione & the downfall of their corrupt & wealthy Catholic oppressors, the young woman travelled across Italy to bring witchcraft back out of the shadows. She taught the Italian commonfolk how to cast spells, identify & talk to spirits, listen to Nature’s various languages, hold rituals under a full Moon, “freely mate :tulip: amongst one another” (to be sexually liberated – Forget chastity, now tear that @$$ up!), and of the equality of males & females. :handshake:

I’ve found my patron goddess!