wild and more wild

hello dreamers, i have what may sound like a crazy question , and im not 100% sure on how to word this so bear with me.

before i describe my question, i am aware of the techniques, and when i should or shouldn’t do it.

i have been trying wild, when i go to bed, when i WBTB and in the afternoon. every time i try wild, i fail, but it wakes me up as if i have had a full nights sleep. so i cannot fall to sleep normaly afterwards.

the reason i still try WILD as soon as i go to bed is a)nobody has said this is totally impossible, and b) i do it to practice keeping still and HI (which i am having trouble doing even in the afternoon)HI that is, not keeping still

my question is: if i were to try wild every single time. even if its the wrong time of day\night and even if i fail, could i keep trying WILD, like this, and sort of force it (i dont exactly mean force) just give myself no choice other than doing WILD before sleep. would this be really detrimental to me.

the reason i thought of maybe doing this is, i was wondering if i could make WILD a normal habit to going to sleep. or am i going to just cabbage my brain :bored:

has anybody actually tried this
thanks for any responses

(for noobs: i don’t actually mean cabbage my brain :razz:)

If no one else has said it then I will, until you get more experienced with WILD it will be extremely difficult if not impossible to do it right as you go to sleep. In fact, even experienced WILD’ers almost never do it then. Do it at the time when you know you will be most succesful, the morning after you’ve slept for a while.

WILD is such an attractive looking technique because it gives the promise of LD’s on command. However, I would say it’s one of the worst ways an LD’er can get introduced to LD’s. The dreams are unstable at first, and if you have no dreaming experience to know how to stabalize it, you’ll be left with a short lived, not so vivid LD. I’m not saying it’s not worth mastering, it is, but it’s a big hurdle to jump in the beginning.

I noticed one other thing from the way you are writing. You’re trying to learn a technique, not how to LD. WILD is a tool, nothing more and nothing less. Beginning and experienced dreamers alike get so caught up figuring how to do WILD that they don’t figure out how to LD. WILD is a way for LD’s, so treat it that way. Don’t worry about a set of intructions written down in a FAQ or on this website. Do it so that it makes sense for you.

When I WILD I move, I swallow my spit, I don’t count, I sleep on my stomach, I cross my arms and legs, I scratch itches. Does that sound anything like our WILD tutorial? No. But it works for me, and I doubt there’s a lot of other people that it would work for. The tutorials are a guide based on things that tend to work, but nothing, especially not dreams, is set in stone.

thanks Rhewin, i suppose i need to learn to walk to before i run
i love to push the boundaries, but i would waste alot of time.

Mind you, I’m not saying don’t do WILD or that WILD is a waste of time for beginners. Just don’t overdo it until you know how to do it.

cheers, i new exactly what you meant, i don’t think i could resist tyring WILD anyway, it sound like a cool way to enter a dream.

It is pretty awesome once you get it to work. Good luck to you! :content:

when i tried wild this afternoon, at one point i got this really really intense feeling in my head, it felt like my brain was getting squashed, it was a horrible feeling,but this is the first time i have ever felt this, so that maybe why, it only lasted a second, and my awareness came back . i was definitely falling asleep ( iwas still totally aware) but i could not get HI at all

Meh, don’t get caught up on feelings and HI. The thign I notice that happens a lot is people try to feel their body during WILD attempts. This puts more focus on your real body, making it harder to form a dream body. With HI, it seems that people get too caught up on trying to see the different shades and shapes. You just have to let the dream form! That’s all HI really is, images from your mind wandering and slowly forming into a dream.

You should really check out the VILD techinique. It can be found here. I think it’s actually easier than WILD and is based on a similar concept.

should i focus on my real body when i do a WILD?

No, no and NO!!!

That will keep you awake and kee you from actually going into a dream. Forget it exists, that is your goal. Move into the dream, and let your dream body take control.