WILD: do you really have sleep paralysis?

Genki, how do you reach the “real” SP state? After many hours? After a WBTB? Did you see a specific way of reaching it? Or were you already subject to sleep paralysis trouble?

Wait…let me clarify. Maybe it wasn’t SP. I do get SP frequently where I wake up on my back and I try to move but can’t…I don’t ever remember launching a LD from that.

The other times I’ve done WILD, I don’t necessarily remember trying to move, but I had the floating sensatons and sinking/heavy feelings. I suddenly wake up and I feel like I’m flying or rolling (it doesn’t occur to me to move, probably 'cause I know it’s the onset of a WILD experience, so I instincively embrace it) Then I just concentrate on the void and the dream eventually appears.

Well, the time I take to get it is very variable, it depends a lot, specialy, if I’m tired or not. I don’t WBTB, as I have school so I cant(tomorrow is the last day in school, BTW \o/), I do it mostly when going to bed, but the best results are when I wake up in the midle of the night, about 3 or 4 hours after going to sleep, when I’m most tired.
About sleep paralysis trouble, I never had it before some months of studying LD’s, and the first one wasn’t on purpose: I just was on bed, about 3:30 am, and I coudn’t sleep(I mean, I didn’t want to) so I fought the sleep, and suddenly the SP came, I recognized it cause I read a lot about it before, then I tried to move like crazy, wanting to get out of it, but coudn’t. So I concentrated and said “Now, my body will wake up, and I’ll move again” and so I got out of it. After that, SP’s started to get easier to achieve.

Well, I don’t use any specific way to achieve SP, I only lay down and relax the most I can, but keeping the focus. I check all my body to see if there’s any tension and if I find I relax that part, keep doing this 'till I feel a deep relaxation(like my body going numb, but I can move anytime I want) and then just go on concentrated, and the SP comes sometime later. When it comes it’s allways sudden, when I less expect it, it comes.

…pinch my nose the next time I’m completely paralysed?

For me, sleep paralysis generally has two forms. One of these is when I am still half-asleep, and this is accompanied by hallucinations (dark shapes, eerie sounds, and so forth). I can usually turn this into a lucid dream, eventually, but the state of paralysis itself is not a full dream state - I am aware of my actual body and it is extremely difficult to move any kind of ‘dream body’. If I focus on this dream body, my mind retreats into a dream state. If I focus on my actual body, I generally end up in the second type of paralysis:

The second form of paralysis is when my mind is actually almost totally awake, but I simply cannot move any part of my body, unless (as stated earlier in the thread) a great deal of mental force is applied, after which I can then move normally, and usually awaken. To clarify: At this point, I am looking at nothing but the inside of my eyelids, which will not open, and it is generally rather uncomfortable, lasting perhaps ten to twenty seconds on average.

Pinch my nose? If I can pinch my nose either in the first or second kinds of paralysis, it isn’t sleep paralysis, in my view. I understand that others might use broader definitions, but to be honest it seems to be bordering on a definition that says merely ‘Sleep paralysis is when you are dreaming!’. This is technically true, but such a definition completely misses the point of what some are afflicted with.

I have a good example of a SP I had in 12-1-05, pretty recent, if you like I’ll get the url of my DJ, it’s in there.

SP for me is mostly that I can’t move. Sometimes I do have almost SP though, my body gets numb but I can still move.

im afraid of SP becuz of what ive been hearing about the “old hag”. Does it only occur when doing WILD? and does practicing LD increase the chances of having SP? :confused:

This is different from person to person I guess, but about the only thing that can give me SP is waking up from a lucid dream by will. I have a lot less involuntary SP now than before I started practicing lucid dreaming. :cool:

I had it this morning yet found it not scary just like a continuation of the trembling sensation you get when you are WILD’ing but I can understand why it would be scary if your room is really dark because at the moment the hall light was on so I could see that nothing was on top of me. It also only occured because I forcibly woke myself up during WILD because I thought i was already in the dream state (I know its a silly mistake but I have only ever succeded with WILD once) Thank god for RC! LOL :smile:

i did that too last night
i felt the tingle. and it was the strangest feeling of
not wanting to move, but i could. i wiggled my fingers ;
i was still awake too i believe. or drifting. it was a very
strong tingle… almost like a slight shock. then i felt slight pressure and i said " no old hag for me" and woke myself up :wink: …that is if i was ever dreaming

I’ve done that. That’s not SP. That’s what you think is SP. When you have SP. You can’t move at all, and when you can it’s extreme concentration. You can wake yourself up but hell if it’s not scary.