WILD Help (Important)

Hello my fellow dreamers,

I have recently become extremely interested in Lucid Dreaming. Over the past week i’v completely immersed myself in the subject, and from what i’v read it sounds absolutely mind-blowing. Unfortunately i have not managed to have a Lucid Dream yet, but i’m constantly working towards it and i feel i’v improved quite a bit throughout the week. I would say i do around 10 RC per day, and have post-its on my monitor and TV saying things like “I am going to Lucid Dream” and “I know how to Lucid Dream and can control my dreams at will” to always have it fresh in my mind. I’v been training several different techniques but have chosen to stick with the WILD technique which i feel quite confident about it. I use a Lucid Dream binaural beat, which helps me a great deal. I’ve tried using the WILD technique combined with the WBTB and plan on sticking with this as well as afternoon naps. However i have had some problems with the WILD technique which brings to the point of this topic. Every time i use the WILD technique i manage to get SP(tingling sensation in hands and feet and later i am unable to feel my entire body),HI (although this is beginning to fade the more i use WILD) and HH. My body feels completely dead with my mind feeling like its beginning to drift off. I feel like i’m close to having a Lucid Dream but i feel like i’m unable to get that last push into dreamscape. This morning after practicing WBTB and WILD for about 45min i felt this surge of wind catch my mind and shoot me through this tunnel of white light (just like when the millennium falcon goes into light-speed) unfortunately i got too excited thinking this was the moment and opened my eyes to do a RC only to be left disappointed. I’v read that that while your in SP you should actually ‘roll over’ and because your in SP you won’t move but your dream body will which could propel you into a Lucid Dream, is this something you guys would recommend? Sometimes i’ll also start counting, however once i get to around 50 i’ll lose track of what number i was at. I’v read that this could be because i fall asleep altogether but when i lose track of what number i’m at i almost always fall into a HH which lasts for a couple of seconds and then i start counting again. At times i also experience that everything begins to go white, and i’ll think its cause i’m going into a Lucid Dream but its really just my eyes beginning to open, maybe because of REM, anyways my eyes will open and i’ll do a RC just to find out that i’m not dreaming. Although i stopped doing this as i know what it is now.

Anyways, i was wondering whether some experienced WILD users could maybe give me some advice/tips, and some insight into why i feel like i’m close to having a Lucid Dream but can’t get that final push, as i’m extremely eager to have one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S - Sorry for the long post :razz:

Thanks in advance,
Peanut Muncher.

Welcome to the site :smile:
WILD is a pretty difficult to start off with trust me i know.
It is recommended to start off with a easier method you can find most of the methods here https://community.ld4all.com/t/all-ld-techniques/24932
From your description you didn’t get very far with WILD, i get the numb empty feeling after about ten minutes, you’ll know when SP is kicking in when you get a tingley feeling slowly rising up from your feet to your head,
The sudden rush will put you off you should try to relax and not think about it

I hoped i helped a little bit and welcome to the forum