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Hi, I was wondering, I never get any successes in WILD or VILD, I seriously try every night. Unfortunately, however, I never get anywhere near actually succeeding, in fact, it feels like I’m just laying there. What am I doing wrong? I cant try WBTB because no alarm will wake me up, its a curse.

It’s extremely hard, if not near impossible, to do WILD at night. It’s recommended to try it during a nap or in conjunction with WBTB. But if can’t wake up with an alarm… I don’t know what to say. Have you ever set a presleep intention to wake up at a certain time? I’ve done it before once or twice. I myself have sometimes kind of attempted WILD at bedtime cause I’m too lazy to WBTB and my mom doesn’t always like it when I nap. I can’t say much for the VILD. It’s been a while since I read that topic. VILD appears to use a very similar technique… concentrating on a situation until you find yourself in the dream. I’m guessing the case with that is like the one with WILD… it may be harder to do at bedtime. Also, how good is your focus? Someone like me might have a hard time focusing and then eventually drift into a regular dream.

So, in general, you COULD try setting a presleep intention to wake up at a certain time for WBTB and try WILD or VILD then or making sure your focus is pretty good. Even failed WILDs can turn into MILDs. Judging from the topics, VILD appears to be a bit easier to do at bedtime rather than WILD. Anyone experienced with WILD will tell you that it is extremely difficult to succeed with it at bedtime. So if that’s your only option, I wish you best of luck. And if all else fails, I hope you can find another technique that works. :content:

I have a similar scenario in that my attempts at WILD seem to get me no where. Essentially I will use WBTB in conjunction with an alarm clock, lets say I go to bed at 10:30 PM and have it set for 4:30 AM. I seem to lay there for what feels like an hour and I never get the feeling that I’m entering a dream. I have been focused on having lucid dreams since around a year and a half ago. I’ve had success at random before, but they are never very long or vivid like in waking life. It could be my motivation or subconscious, whatever the case, I know that I would love to succeed.

Why not, instead of using an alarm clock to wake you for WBTB, use a mantra to wake you up?

You should try MILD

Yup, as stated already WILD is close to impossible to succeed with when first going to bed at night. And this is science since we know that you have about 90 minutes of non-rem sleep before the actual dreaming. So trying to WILD when you’re not in- or infront of REM-sleep is difficult cos; How will you go straight from waken to dreaming state if your dreaming state is 90 minutes away?

Not being able to wake up to do WILD I’m having trouble seeing as a problem at all. There are so many other techniques that works just as well - In fact, a lot of techniques work better, they’re just not as “Aggressive” as WILD.
Combine MILD with Autosuggestion and Realitychecks - While this is a more subtle approach, it works just as well (In fact I often choose it over WILD).

And like ZRVera and Mew adviced, you could use this Autosuggestion to set your mind on waking up at a certain time. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how it actually works.

Thanks for the tips everyone!! Tried auto suggestion last night, didnt work :sad:
But as everyone who knows me will tell you, I’m not easily discouraged, I’ll try it again tonight.

Autosuggestion needs to take place at a time when you’re open to it. Read up on simple meditation, or try the hypnotic binaural beats. The important thing is you’re relaxed and actually believe that what you say is true and will happen. It’s your body, your mind - All you have to do is WILL IT as you wish. All you need to focus on is the fact that it IS YOUR MIND and it IS UNDER YOUR CONTROL - All that’s stopping you is your own doubt, but as soon as you’ve managed to put those aside you’ll be able to will yourself lucid.

I’d suggest trying something a bit simpler the first couple of times. Instead of willing yourself lucid or waking up at a certain time, try autosuggestion with a mantra like “Waking up I will remember what I’ve dreamt about” or “Tonight my dreams will be as vivid as waking life”. Then you can move on to “I will be aware of my surroundings”. This way you’d be gradually building your communication with your SC up.

:peek: Good luck :happy:

See… there in lies the problem. I have a lot of trouble believing that what I say will happen. I’ve never really experienced that being correct.
I’m absolutely sure that this will work, but I still haven’t seen it work for me. I guess I’m just really close minded…
Any possible solutions for my dilemma with this would be greatly appreciated! Sorry if it seems that I’m shoving all your advice to the side, trust me when I say that I’m not.

As well as the GPJ (Goal and Progress Journal), I’m also trying Infinity. It does seem to be helping me get back into it, as I’ve already had at least one while on it. I find it very relaxing and it helped boost my confidence a LOT. I’m quite confident in the files, so I’d suggest it to you. :colgate:

How about asking someone who lives with you (a family member, roomate…) to wake you up instead? That means that that person would have to wake up in order to wake you up, but if that person usually wakes up in, let’s say 8am, and you sleep until 9am, it could be done without much sleep-cycle or schedule disruption.
I don’t know which time is most dream-productive for you, but this is just an idea.

And have you tried drinking more liquid before going to bed?

ZRVera suggested Infinity, but from the same creator there’s also the Lucid Warp program, which is meant to deal with exactly the problem you appear to have.

Check it out
[[software] Lucid Warp)

The basic idea for any WILD-like tech is falling asleep while keeping conscious. So one thing you should doforlearning, other than helping the process with some autosuggestion like others suggested, is watching yourself falling alseep,no matter the outcome. Remember that dreams take place while sleeping :wink: so that should be the most important part, falling asleep. Just pay attention to how you do it, so next time you’ll have learnt something, and will start from there, instead of staring at the ceiling :tongue: The more confidence you develop with the process of falling alseep, the more it will be possible for you to just let it happen, while you keep conscious, allowing you to enter the dreamstate safely. Of course, in the middle of the night, it’s easier because it’s easier to fall back asleep, but feel free to try at the start of nighttime too :content: