WILD is bugging me, so I have a question.

Actually, I have a few questions. I’ve been trying to WILD for months now (I have been doing it when going to bed at night, which is the biggest reason why I have not been successful.), but a few key parts of the WILD Technique I still don’t understand:

  1. Is the only thing that matters is keeping your body still? If I wanted to be trying to visualize something or do some mental math/logic or just thinking about a subject, would that prevent me from WILDing? Do I have to try to keep my brain function at a minimum, or can I actively use my brain when WILDing?

  2. Does consciously moving my eyes ruin or damage in any way the WILD attempt?

I couldn’t find this info anywhere, and it is essential that I know the answers. Please provide me with a detailed answer. Thank you soooooo much in advance!

i think if u read through the WILD guides in the guides section you will find all your answers.

  1. to dream u have to fall asleep so if you still mentaly 100% awake you wont dream.
  2. i would think when you are trying to WIlD your relaxed and not realy needing to move your eyes to much, but one little movement defintily wont blow your attempt.

Rhewin’s WILD guide is a nice source with answers about “should I stay still?” “can I swallow?” etc.

Good luck.