WILD problem (SP, but no HI)

Hi :wink: . I discovered Lucid Dreaming about year ago, tried MILD several times and had 1 LD (although I think that was FLD). About a week ago I started trying WILD. Tried many variations (C-WILD, Chakra Induced Lucid Dream), but every time I run into the same problem: I am experiencing SP, but I have no HI, just pitch black darkness. After lying for 40 min I usually give up :neutral: . Is there anybody else experiencing this? Shall I just wait for HI to appear? :help:

i have exactly the same thing :< WILD is so hard, i never get any HI, ever :confused:

HI is just a dream beginning to form. If you’re concentrating too hard on your body then you’re not letting your mind rest enough to form HI. SP is helpful, but I would say the least important part of WILD.

If you do find yourself stuck in SP (and I mean full SP; unable to move at all), you can try to start visualizing a dream. Use your imagination or switch over to a visual tech like VILD. Also, you could try to imagine yourself rising up or being pulled down into your bed. This is the main way to get OBE. I personally view OBE as a very vivid LD, so it can be a good start.

harder said than done Rhewin :no:

I’ll be happy once i achieve SP, let alone HI :wink:

Though i probably enjoy sleep too much for my SC to bother with acknowledging desire for an SP&HI.

What i’ve done a few times now, when trying to WILD, is start with a fantasy, progressing it to a daydream (while letting my body lie still). Eventually, unexpected elements start to appear, and before i know it, it’s a fully fledged dream. Normal one, though, not lucid. It did take a while to get to the dream part, i’d say 20min on average.

i used to daydream before sleep for years when i was a teen, but it never turned into a dream, SP or HI ;_;

I’m specifically talking about visualizing once you have reached SP. If you do it before, then yes, it is just daydreaming.

I want to try and do an RC every 25 seconds when i WILD, 25, 50, 75. Cause a lot of the time i think it is not working and then if i just tried maybe i would be dreaming

*See, i fell asleep counting to 20 this morning while WILDing, maybe when i reached 15 i was dreaming, and if i would have RC’ed, then i would have been in a dream, know what i mean?

I think I’ve had SP up to my knees but i have Never seen any kind of HI.
Does HI happen before or after you fall into SP?

HI and any Hypnagogic Hallucinations can happen before and during sleep paralysis. Any time you are in Hypnagogia, at the onset of sleep.

Phosphenes and hypnagogic imagery

‘Phosphenes’ are related to HI, and this talks about both.

WILD is extremely difficult to do and requires intense patience. HI takes about an hour to form for me. I think that in order to WILD successfuly, the dreamer should take this into account. You can WILD without HI, it’s helpful but not totally nessecary.

WILD is a very individual thing, too. You’re not going to discover the perfect method for you the very first night (here’s patience again! :tongue: ). I’ve found that combining various methods helps me. It took me over two years to WILD successfully for the first time. That was after experiementation with methods (like you’ve been doing) and figuring out what works for me.

If anything, like Rhewin said, visualization helps a lot. Try not to focus on the SP and instead focus on what is in your mind’s eye. I like to visualize myself flying over a glassy lake :content:

Good luck with WIlD!