WIlD Questions please HELP.

[spoiler]Well today I was tired and decided to try C-WILD So after a while my eyes started to dart right to left and I felt light pressure all over my body, (kinda like someone was stepping on me. then my whole body felt like it curved to an angle andIi was sleeping on a wall. all while this is happening I see a lot of colors under my eyes. then my body kept shifting from feeling like I was on a wall to straight up. but when this was happening i still felt my body in its natural position straight and horizontal.

So was this SP? :help:[/spoiler]

Before post, so basically is SP when you feel tingly or numb like your arm is dead. Today during my daily WILD nap, I got really heavy and tingly, also it felt slightly like someone was stepping on my entire body but lightly. after 35 minutes i gave up and sat up. To my surprise lower left arm was completely numb. :unk: So whats a really swell definition of what SP feels like?

Secondly, When I was lying down many times the colors under my eyes were going crazy and i wasn’t sure if I was going into a dream or what. so when i am in SP how do i then go into a dream?

Thanks for all feed back!

Yup, combined with HH.

So what would i do from there to get into the dream?

[WILD - An user friendly tutorial)

There’s an example :wink: