WILD - some advice

I´m not into lucid dreaming for a long time yet, but nearly every night i try WILD. Just a few days ago i noticed my error in trying WILD. I Always had in mind “My Body gotta sleep and my mind has to be awake” so i focused on not sleeping. This wasn´t quite good because i really didn´t sleep at all, and after a while my limbs started hurting due to the lying in the bed.
This was my interpretation. Can anyone confirm this?
I now try to just keep my mind awake and not thinking about staying awake.

Think of it as meditating. c:

Try not to focus too much on not falling asleep, but keep yourself awake, if that makes sense. You could pick an object and just focus on that, repeat a mantra in your head, or you could count (1, i’m dreaming, 2, i’m dreaming, 3 i’m dreaming etc.)
there is some good information on WILD here.
I hope this helps, im new at this too, and havent had an LD yet either.

Noob party! I have the same problem. I can’t quite get to the hallucinations, as my mind wanders often. I’ve heard that trying to solve questions or problems helps, though.

Lol! I know!!,
I tried WILD with WBTB for the first time last night and I made it to the HH. The HI were not as intense as I expected them to be, maybe I just needed to wait longer. anyways, the sounds were so real they woke me up because I thought I had a bug on my face. SP is such a weird feeling to, I wanted to try to move just to see if I could but I kept telling myself not to.

ya i was trying to calculate 1^2 2^2 3^2 usw in my head (i reached about 27 or so but then my mind always drifts off. Let’s have it another try :happy:

I think I am going to start trying to do MILD and DEILD now though after reading alot more stuff WILD sounds like something that I want to wait until I have at least had a few LD’s to try.

That’s the probably roll over signal, not sleep paralysis since SP doesn’t hurt. When you stay still for long, your body needs to make sure that your mind is asleep. It does this by giving signals of imaginary pain, and this will cause you to be uncomfortable and roll over, thus telling the body you aren’t asleep yet.

If you stick through this, you will enter sleep paralysis where you can enter a dream. When you get sleep paralysis you will now it, it’s an unmistakable feeling. From there you can enter an OBE/lucid dream

I completely forgot about the roll over signals! Thanks, Kache!

aha thanks for this :happy: next time i’ll ignore it :smile: