WILD - The last frontier

Ok, I’ve had success with DILD and MILD, on a hit and run basis…

  So anyway, I want to move on to WILD... which is proving to be very difficult. For one, if I "Cold Turkey" (Go in without any form of relaxation.), I am unable. Then if I do the "Tense and Relax" technique, I fail (I do, however do remember making it to some dull HI with this on one occasion...). The 61-point technique fails me as well.

How can I begin to achieve these WILD’s?

From my experience, learning to meditate properly is a good smaller step to get used to the alterate states of consciousness. For example, i learned Awareness meditation and I’m using it to get HI (but I haven’t been trying that hard);
that, or you power up your visualization to get quick HI. This guide on Dreamviews and part 2 are choking full of techniques to get into trance easily and train your visaulization. Be sure to check them out.

Hey Magic,

I’ve been experimenting with WILD for about half a year now. I came across a site called. Lucidology.com, the techniques taught here are stricly WILD and other variants of it. I’ve had some major success with it, but it wasn’t easy… I found out, that I have 90 percent of my success during naps using this technique. It’s really hard to describe what I do to get it… especially from beginning to end. Any specific questions?

I could reccomend a couple of things. First, you can try the “Reverse Blinking” Keep your eyes closed, and quickly open and close them every few seconds. It gets you in a trance really quickly. And what do you mean by aren’t able to? Do you mean that the dream doesn’t form? If so, you could try to wake up at a different time. To achieve WILD, basically lie really still for at least 20 min. If after 20 min nothing happens, go to sleep normally. The more you try to do WILD, the better you will be.

Ok, I may combine it with WBTB… just for increased chances…

I knew I forgot something :smile:
When doing WBTB, eat an apple also. It helps make your dreams vivid.
When doing WBTB, you have to be fully conscious before going to sleep again or you will lose concentration

There’s a WILD FAQ in knowledge base (my sig too) and In “list of all new and popular techniques” are links to numerous WILD variants and tutorials that are pretty useful.

I used to have VERY powerful visualization skills… However, since then, the ability has been dulled significantly in the kinostetic and visual areas… Only audio remains…