I tried to wild last night and i got to a point where my eyes where twitching as if i was in REM but then i got worried and woke myself up :confused:

can anybody help me

It’s best to do WILDs in the early morning. That way, your body is rested from several hours of sleep and your brain chemistry is optimal for lucid dreaming.

First off, yes to everything LegendaryDreamer said. Second, eyes twitching does not mean REM. If you are attempting WILD toward the beginning of the night, it is not uncommon to experience such things as twitching, shaking, itching, convulsing, numbness, and sleep paralysis (why do I feel like I’m listing side effects for a drug :tongue:). You have to go through these without worrying about them, or else your attempt will get screwed up.

If you try them 5-6 hours after first going to sleep you will most likely not have as many issues with these. Your mind is in such a state that it can go back into REM without having to force your way through the other stages.

ohh ok so how long does it normally take a person to obtain a state of waking dreaming

depends on the person. It takes me about 20 min. Some people it takes 5, others 30. Also depends on how relaxed you are. Also, I find there are so much WILD questions like this. We do have a knowledge base, you know :wink: you might find this helpful

I have had one lucid dream so far it was during a nap, im really interested in WILDing does anybody have any good techniques I could try right now. Thanks for any advice ahead of time

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  • Find a comfortable position to lay
  • Relax and stretch your muscles before beginning, take deep breaths.
  • You can try counting in your mind or any other thing that will help you stay aware
  • You can try WILD along with WBTB, they say it is easier to achieve lucidy due to the sleep cycles, but I’m not very familiar with it.

You can try WILDing with music, I’ve read that it can be distracting for some people who want to achiev WILD so you should try and see for yourself :smile: