WILDing--hypnagogic state help!

Hi all,
so i’m pretty new to WILDing and lucidity in general. i know its going to take time to be able to do it and i’m trying my hardest to keep pacient. i’ve been having several problems, maybe yall can help? :help:

  1. the biggest problem i’m having is a cant recognize the hypnagogic state! i dont see any vivid colors or flashes of light or anything. just black. with maybe a whitish blob in the middle. is that normal. Also i cant recognize SP

  2. i’m having a LOT of trouble falling asleep. i just cant seem to do it. the only way i can fall asleep is if i dont try lucidity at all that night. if i try once then i find i just cant fall asleep… so frustrating :grrr:

  3. related to 2, when i try lucidity, the next morning i have a lot of trouble remembering my dreams.

Thanks, all help is appreciated

Hello ! :welcome: Ah, WILD, so tempting and yet so frustrating to start out with. It’s a great tech, but it will take quite a bit of practice to master. In the meantime you really might think of combining it with RCILD and MILD, but I digress. Here’s the answer to your questions.

  1. It will start with blackness, turn into little blobs and move on from there. I suggest you read this [click here] WILD tutorial. It even has pictures :grin:. Better yet, check out the knowledge base in general.

As far as SP goes, well, you’ll know it when you hit it. Here’s the trouble: the process of SP is getting your body to fall asleep while your mind stays awake. If you keep thinking about whether or not you can still feel your body, you may not hit that stage. Just try not to think about it.

  1. When are you trying to WILD? If you do it right as you go to bed, you might find it will take forever. You have to lay there with your mind awake until you get into REM sleep, which could take 45-90 minutes in some cases. Try waking up 5 hours after initially falling asleep. You’ll be good and tired and much more likely to fall asleep quickly then.

  2. Are you making a dream journal. Whenever you wake up, whether its in the morning or during the night, right down as many details about your dreams as possible. Eventually your mind gets the hint that these are important and that it should start remembering them.

Like said before, consult our knowledge base for some really good guides on all sorts of LD techs. WILD isn’t the only thing out there, and you may find a different one that suits you better. I hope that helps, and best of luck :content:.

I have a fan running next to my bed. will the sensation from that be a hindrance?

No, it shouldn’t be. You fall asleep every night with the fan, so you most likely don’t even think about it. I have a bed-side fan myself and it’s never bothered me.