Hi everybody, new to this forum.

My first lucid dream was about 20 years ago as a kid (I turned a nightmare in to a lucid dream by pinching myself in the dream). Now I really want to get in to it. The closest I have come is when I think I was in one of the later stages of REM and everything was a bit fuzzy, a few colours here and there and so I said “clarity” which woke me up - I think maybe it was just a memory from that day rather than me saying it?

So the problem now is this… I keep yawning when trying to relax to attempt WILD and it is very hard to ignore it . I have read about itching, urges to move but I cant find anything about yawning - can anybody give me any tips?


HI Mugz,

According to my humble experience, yawning helps you to maintain your body awake.
If you just keep yawning maybe you aren’t ready to sleep yet.

Have you tried exhaling hard at once first and then taking slow deep breaths?

Have you tried meditation?

Also, maybe you should try other techniques first instead of WILD.
We always like to recommend MILD, VILD and WBTB under these circumstances.

Recommended Long Read:
Big VILD topic.
MILD Tutorial
Big WBTB Topic

Short Read:
VILD is mostly about imagining the dream setting you would get lucid. Usually by creating a context you would RC.

MILD is about repeating phrases that you want to stick to your mind, so you would probably recall it during the dream, possibly to RC or to be motivated enough.

WBTB is about waking up and getting back to back. Some people fall asleep faster when getting back to bed in the middle of sleep, which helps you to get into a dream much easier than initial bedtime.

Also, the techniques are not 100% fool proof. You cannot expect them to work at first attempt, sorry, but it’s true. You should insist on them.

Good luck.