YAY! I got it! :)

I finally had my first lucid dream! at least i think it was :boogie: :hurray:
I didn’t do any reality checks or anything, i just suddenly in the middle of my dream realized i was dreaming. i wondered what i would do next so i decided i’d fly around a little since i wanted to try it :happy: i moved my arms like a bird and flew around :tryfly: (for some reason, while i was flying, the song moon river was played out loud, or i heard someone sing it :confused: :happy: ) then i decided i’d try something else, i wanted to create a dream character and tried picturing a person so that there would be someone i could ask questions to or something, to see what happens. (i was alone in some dark room) it didn’t really work, i tried to think of some random face and it appeared in the sky but i couldn’t make a person out of it. so i gave it up and sort of climbed up a wall… i don’t know that’s all i can remember, from then on i think i had another dream or it transfered and i “forgot” i was lucid. or lost lucidity.
i’m so glad it finally worked it was just awesome. but the thing is, while i was dreaming, i didn’t get exited and didn’t think of much i could do, it’s like i wasn’t FULLY lucid, as if there was only half of the “knowingness”? it might be because i didn’t do a reality check or spin around or anything. i just (out of nowhere) came to the conclusion that i must be dreaming, and started acting out the things i planned on trying out on my first lucid dream. oh well.
is there a way to make lucidity more…intense? :happy: to increase the “knowingness”?

i’m so happy! :cheer:

Congratulations, DreamingJosephine! That’s awesome that you’ve had success. It’s very rewarding, eh?

To answer your question: yes, there are ways you can engage yourself more fully in a dream. I’ll direct you to the following thread because it is full of win when it comes to dream control:

[Dream Control Training Course)

In any case, I hope you have many more lucid dreams and good luck. :smile:

Congratulations!!! :slide:

You should write out a list of things you want to accomlish in LD’s and review it every night you go to bed. This will help a lot with the “ok, what now?” sensation. Focus on one goal at a time, but stay active or else you might lose the dream. Best of luck, let us know if you have more questions :content:

I love reading these succes stories, and I’m happy for you!

Also thanks Yves, that thread seems really helpful…

Well Done :content: I hope you have many more and that they get better and better. :smile:

Congrats. Definitely not bad for a first LD. BTW, it’s normal to not become fully lucid the first time. Especially if you don’t wake up immediately afterwards, it can cause some doubts if it was just a FLD. My personal experience is that I much rather wake up while being lucid after a while than loosing my lucidness over time, because it fades the memory.

Congrats! I became lucid in my first LD the same way (no RC’s or anything).

As others have said, your dream sounds like a typical first LD. As you have more, you’ll be able to think more clearly and they’ll get better. Good luck! :smile:

Congrats Josephine , hope you get more ^^.

Josephine, Josephine,!
She had her 1st, Lucid Dream!
you are Happy,
Then JumP
:cheer: :hurray: :cheer:

:cheer: Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!! :cheer:

Jumping and screaming

haha you guys are so sweet! :boogie: thank you so much! :adored:
i’m going to start doing more RC’s and keeping on track with it so
i hope my next lucid experience is going to be even better like you said, and i’ll inform you of course :tongue:

Hey congrats!

Yes there is a way… it’s called …“I AM”…



This has got to be one of the most celebrated first LD’s ever :tongue: … but nonetheless, sincere congratulations! :content:
Control and vividness will come with the desire of them, and more confidence, so be sure to practice them! And good luck for your next dreams :wink: