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Hi readers

Is it good to have two different RC’s in the same time for twice as much chances to have an LD ?

Or it is better to have three different RC’s in the same time for thrice as much chances to have an LD ?

I am thinking to use the third one only for incubation ? What do you think of this method ? Two RC’s to perform in real life and one in imagination as falling asleep and during WBTB ?

Thankfully, George

I think this is definately a good idea since some RC’s are not always accurate. I usually do this as well. For example I try pinching myself and I check the time on my cell. The only thing I think you should do differently is to not use a different, third RC for incubation. I think you should have a couple RC’s that you always do and use for incubation because it’ll be stuck in your mind more instead of if you have a random 3rd one that you only imagine and 2 that you do during the day.

Hope this helps you!

Thank you for the reply. It helps.

So to have two different reality checks and incubate both is a good idea!?


I have been using one RC for a month and a half and I had no result, so I am wondering if I should persist with this one as an addition to the new RC I am starting tomorrow ?

Hermione’s right.

If you use multiple Reality Checks, your DILD chances will increase. Common sense, really. If one of the RCs fails somehow, the others may make you lucid.

The two best Reality Checks in my opinion are counting your fingers to see if you have ten and trying to breathe through your nose while holding it. Both have a high success rate. I myself can attest to the finger RC as it has made me lucid on many occasions.

Yeah, try to use both concurrently. It’ll help your chances.

If you combine MILD with some periodic Reality Checks throughout the day, you’ll be lucid in no time. Good luck, George. :tongue:

you greatly encouraged me.


Do not let it get in the way of the quality of the reality check though; that is the most important thing. Do one check at a time and pay good attention to what happens. Try to let that what only can happen in dreams happen, like a reality check is supposed to be performed. Don’t just check about without paying attention. If you keep an eye on the concept of reality, it is not of any harm to do multiple reality checks.

One RC wont help, unless you see the difference between dream and RL.

When I RC it doesnt come to dream, until some days ago.

Try to have more RC’s, it will help :cool:

RC’s should be somewhat frequent, certainly when something seems odd but I am a big believer in doing RC’s on a regular basis so that it becomes habitual. The key to this “habitat” is that it needs to be serious; you actually have to stop and question reality - don’t just mindlessly go through the motions assuming your dreaming because you will make the same mistake in your dream. Doing two reality checks each time you check is a great idea because it gives a back-up check if one fails. Two good choices are the text/digital based RC and the breathe through the nose.

i thank you for making me understand

I wonder though, is it common to have a RC in a dream at least once a week ? Or more often, perhpas in one out of twenty dreams ?


Not to say that DILD’s are ineffective, nor to say that it is pointless to do them. In my experiences however, it seems that if you practice WILD enough, that is all you will ever need. I have about a 60%-70% success rate with it at the moment. Even with this, I still practice RCing. I do 3 or more now, and I believe that it does increase odds. The more RC’s, the merrier. :rc:

For how long is a RC effective ? Is it becoming more and more effective with time, as in the begining it may not always be successful, or is it becoming less effective with time ?

If you get into good habits it will get more effective with time. If you overdo RCs to the point that you aren’t really questioning your reality, you’re not going to benefit. Five a day is fine.

I did a reality check last night and failed. I thought the nose test was fool-proof, as there’s no way you couldn’t breathe through a nose sealed with imaginary fingers. Unfortunately, I did my reality check so casually that I didn’t even NOTICE I could still breathe!
From now on, I’ll exhale thoroughly before performing this RC. If I don’t feel a sense of suffocation at once, I’ll know I’m dreaming.

I dont like the nose-RC, its a too odd feeling, and its feeling unreal, I was focused on the RC :sigh:

And an answer to george about how effective an RC is: it depends how you perform the RC and you need a bit luck. And you can improve the effectivitness :cool: