+1/like/tweet/share your LD4all addiction :)

Edit: new buttons have been added now:
Facebook like
& share ( loads of options)

Be generous with clicking those buttons and help spread the word about LD4all :smile: the more addic-- I mean lucid dreamers, the merrier! :grin:

I’ve changed the homepage a bit and included at the top some sharing buttons, most importantly the google +1 one. Just wanting to see what the impact would be.

Right now it’s at a fairly sad zero, so if you like LD4all, give that button a click!

While you’re at it, give the buttons at the left (twitter, facebook, share) a go as well!



Funny, I saw the topic title and only thought “Plus 1 internets for Q?”
I would also give it a thumbs up on StumbleUpon, but I already did so a little over 5 years ago :tongue:

I wonder who will be Number 2?


/me crowns Ysim the “First Plus 1-er of LD4all”

I saw those today and thought they were always there, since I don’t see the homepage that much.

I RC’ed anyways though. :razz:

There ya go, all plus oned and whatnot :content:

/me casts bless
+1s all around.

Nice feature Qu :tongue:

+1 :cool_laugh:

Tbh, I’m always clueless about such icons. No idea what good or bad thing would happen if I would press it, so I never did. :bored:

(Not on my phone atm, but)
The Google +1 Icon doesn’t appear on my phone. (Android OS with the built in Browser) The other icons on the left do, though.

thanks for mentioning that Ysim, I noticed it too on my phone after painstakingly adding it into the layout. It also doesn’t show in opera. When I have time I’ll try another approach to these icons, I want to include a twitter one as well. But, even when you don’t see the google one feel free to click on the other ones :grin:

I am the 9th one, nice idea.
I even reposted it on facebook =D

it’s weird, but it also doesn’t appear on my google chrome browser. so i +1’ed it on another browser :smile:

Way to go :thumbs:

Um… it seems to me like the older homepage looked a bit more… attractive to put it that way. I mean, there were capital-lettered titles, colors and drawings which really made you want to know more about LD’ing. I’m not saying this doesn’t look good, just that the other one looked more “lively”. This one seems more for the already community members.

Just gave my opinion, please don’t jump at me for that :meh:

Hey Don,

Thanks for the feedback :smile: which homepage do you mean by the ’ old’ homepage? ( since there are several ’ old’ homepages :grin:

I always welcome feedback about LD4all so don’t hesitate to PM me or post in the feedback forum :smile:

I’m number 11!

Counter got back to 0 ?!?!? I made it back up on 1 but what did happen
:cry: :help: :confused:

Edit: uhhhm, okkayy? Its back on 11 now -.-

I meant the one which was before this one. I’m only since last year around here, I only know the one one year ago + the one after you made the video’s about lucid dreaming. This one is the new one… for me.

I was afraid that people would really jump on me hardly. I had in mind not to comment and just keep my opinion. I am really surprised about your mentality of viewing such “criticism”, and really appreciate your post. :smile:

Number 15 from me. Cheers!