10 second dream

A few nights ago, I fell asleep and it was like 6 or 7 in the morning but, I had this dream where I was on a bus, a lady was standing in the middle of the row doing math problems. I looked outside, and it was dark. I then realized I was dreaming because, I just realized I was lying in my bed and it was actually daylight in real life. :smile: But then I woke up… :sad:

I don’t know what I should do from there. Any suggestions?

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And to answer your question, you should do something like spin around or yell, “increase lucidity” to make your dream more stable

Rubbing your hands together always works extremely well for me. If it feels like you cannot do this because the dream is fading too quickly, and you think you’ll move in real life, don’t worry, it is an illusion. Just do it, and watch your lucidity increase!

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There was another thread that posted this article on the crucial first seconds of a LD: dreaminglucid.com/crucial.html

Good stuff!

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But I didn’t even get a chance to do anything becuase I woke up the second I realized that. :sad: Oh well. I’ll try again later. :smile:

had this happen b4 i became lucid in house ran upstares seen ppl i knew then woke up. didnt have chance to play around in dream land. its really anoying when you wake up in a ld. you work so hard to get there an then its gone. im sure we all know the fealing

Well I didn’t work really hard to get this because It just popped up randomly one night…So It was bad though i didn’t get to play around. I didn’t get any LD’s before that either. :sad: Like I said, have to try again and hopefully I can get one I can play around in! :smile:

well good luck to ya :smile: