100% Dream recall technique (for me)

Not really sure if this counts as a technique or if everyone already knows this. But anytime I want to remember my dreams, I just read up on this site and/or any other website about lucid dreaming. I read for maybe 5 - 10 minutes and remember ateast 1 dream a night. And I dont have to use a dream journal, I only sometimes write down my dreams, I still remember dreams I had months ago and didn´t write down.

True, 100% recall, but 100% for you. The rest of us don’t all have that luck.

I think i may try this; appreciate the advice :smile:

This doesn’t seems to be a good idea, at least for me.
Even if you remember your dreams, don’t you think is important to keep a DJ?
Discover symbols, analize your dreams or just keep then save, is so fun read it after a while.

I mean, enjoy this… :wink:

Lucky you :razz:.