Hey here is an intersting link about 11:11 getting us prepaired for Dec 21 2012. Im starting to see 11:11 again. Ive had alot of strange number coincidenes happning to me. The other day I was watching a info comercial of a car dealer ship. They had a deal where it was 88 dollars down, and 88 dollars in free gas. While I was watching my wife, and mother in law were putting there money togeather to see how much they scrounge up for gas money. They had 8.88 dollars.
This coincidence blew my mind, and the next day the coincidence continued at work. I was seeing the number 8 everywhere. You know how you add up numbers in numberology to get a singale digit number.
We were doing this, and the numbers were adding up to 8. Last year was a strange year for me with coincidences, and I feel it we get stronger this year as we get closer to 2012. Something is trying to get our attention. Im getting excited. Pay attention to coincidences there not hard to see.


Like I said before, 2012 is a myth. No one can tell when the Earth is going to end. Telling everyone the Earth is going to end is 2012 is like playing God telling everyone the Earth is going to end in 2012 and theirs nothing they can do about it. And that eight number thing is an everyday thing, you just haven’t noticed before.

I am a fan of the many coincidences that surround us in our daily lives as well. In fact my friend and I are rather prone to them. It’s pretty fun for us now. It keeps us busy while we wait lol. I still haven’t been able to tell if it’s just myself playing with myself, or if it’s the universe playing with me, but either way it’s entertaining.

The past couple years I’ve been trying to follow the path of playing cards. Find them ever so often on the ground. Been a string of hearts recently. (I event think the last one may have been an eight; will have to check my pile) I stop and scratch my head and question, “Gee… where did this randomly appear from”.


Finding playing cards? cool. If you tune in to coincidences they will find you. I think it has alot to do with improving phychic ability. I love hearing coincidence stories so if you have any please post them. I got the idea from here about keeping a coincidence journal, and Ive been doing it. Ive got a half note book full of amazing coincidences.

that’s awesome! i’ve never thought of keeping such a journal… i like being aware of coincidences… to me , sometimes, they almost act as a pattern within the chaos that is…

I like conversational coincidence… I also like improbable coincidence… and random coincidence

the playing cards have been a random thing so far…

like for conversational style this one time…

I caught a cab one day to a party at a friends house, and the cab driver was talking about his childhood and how he used to climb latters and paint things… Later that night while my friends and I were hanging out all of a sudden out of the corner of my ear I hear some people talking about how they were up on some later really high trying to paint something…

i was always told that the Mayan calender ENDs at this date … is a bit confused

I haven’t read up on that stuff recently, but when I was into that a number of years ago I thought I recalled something about how thinks the best way to describe it… That calendar has an end, but another begins after it, or it repeats, or something like that.

I see alot of people getting worked up about it meaning a complete end to existence, but I’ve never really felt that is going to be the case.

A while back I kept seeing 9:11 on the clock like, every single day, no joke. It was really creepy, but I didn’t really know what to think of it.

Lately I’ve been seeing 11:11 more frequently, which I guess is a good symbol. ( according to that link? )

I don’t think 2012 is a myth or that the Earth is going to end either. I just think there’s going to be a major change, whether bad or good, I don’t know. But either way I think we should prepare ourselves.

As for the number thing. I get that a lot too. I just keep seeing pairs of numbers like 22, 11, 33, etc… and also when I look at the clock it’s like 11:11, 10:10, 3:33, etc… I like it when I spot them.

I do think that there are to many related truths about 2012 and that kindof stuff, for it all to be coincidance. i also think that whatever is trying to tell us something , why dosnt it just say something instead of giving humanity a code to solve which we probably wouldnt be able to solve by 2012