123 yrs

Your dreams are a biproduct of your mind organizing itself because its going through imformation it may accidentaly put some of it together randomly hence making a dream. but as far as having a dream that seemingly lasts years it could be extrememly harmful when you forget that you went to sleep and believe the dream is real and you may go into shock and die upon awakening.

good theory or no :confused:

I don’t know, Surely if you forget you are dreaming you would wake up or lose lucidity?

I also wonder; If in a dream you can make your mind live at 8 seconds per real-time second, what the implications of this would be if you did this whilst conscious. Would it make the world around you seem to slow down, is it even possible?

Yeah, I got the same idea. Having the world around you slow down IRL. If you would be able to achieve this you could pwn anyone! :happy:

I don’t know why so many people find the concept of living longer in the mind so odd. A lot more things are possible through the parameters of the mind than are possible in real life. Why shouldn’t the mind be able to alter time within itself? =0)

I wouldn’t say I find it that odd, I’d use the word fascinating.
I believe It’s possible in a dream. If it’s possible in a dream. Why can’t it be possible IRL. I wonder how It’d feel, In a dream the world speeds up with you but IRL…

Bleh, Your theory is flawed in that the basis for it is not at all clear. Why would you go into shock? If you have an answer I’d be glad to hear it.

I have read and heard about slowing down time in real life. THat is the perception of time. From what I heard it is possible by means of meditation. Also some drugs mess around with time perception. Adrenalin speeds up the brain and I’ve heard you can aparently at least for a short while esperience that time slows down.
Anyway. Even if you can speed up your brain to 8x. And experience everything at an eighth of the speed your body wouldn’t be able to move any faster. In the purpose of “pwning” anybody you could do it with your normal reflexes. I’ve been impressed with my own when I drop stuff and such.

Come to think of it, such a dream would be traumatizing if it were a normal dream. But in a lucid dream where you’re fully in control and know what awaits you when you wake up, I doubt it. And time perception is different in dreams anyway.

I agree that you probably couldn’t move faster, but if you’re perception is eight times faster than normal wouldn’t that enable you to think more carefully about your movements and optimize them?

yeah, i’ve thought about it too, it would be great :smile:
It would open many peoples minds

Orange element. Why would it be traumatising? How certain are you? The experience of living in a strange world for a long time, is it any more traumatising than seeing a murder in a normal dream och being chased by devils, even for a shorter time. IRL being chased be devils would probably leave some psychological trauma, but most iften not in normal dreams, right? So why would a long life be so much more traumatising or hard to accept for the brain?
Yes I know were talking an extremely long time. I just mean that it’s not so clear that it would be traumatising.

Computer. Yes that would probably be the benefit of the speedup. I don’t know if it’s any better than reflexes though, they are usually very accurate, faster than I can think.
Also, I haven’t heard that It’s possible to have a long period of this faster perception. It would be cool though.

personally i think youd be pretty messed up if you just woke up one day and realized that the past 123 years of your life was a dream and everything you did didnt really happen or exist. if it was an ND that is.

I personally think that like every other strange thing about dreams make more sense upon waking up. Living for 123 years is extremely long. And I’m not trying to say that such a dream would not have any negative effects. It may well be a bit of a mind job when you wake up. I think though that the problematic part would be the first days and weeks in the dream. If you are not lucid you’d be confused and all and events you take for reality are strange but after some time you adapt to the situation. Perhaps this would be more of a problem if you ARE lucid because of the uncertainty, when is it going to end? Am I never going to wake up?. Naturally you will get tired of this thinking after some time and adapt. Periodically freaking out about it when you again wonder and long for waking life.
But if you’re not lucid you are liable to accept everything and not think about how strange it is.
I personally have never experienced any shock from realising the strange things that happened in my dreams were “not real”. Shooting monsters or whatever. Really I’ve been relieved that things were not real. Unreality does not scare me one bit.
I can ofcourse not say for sure how anyone would react to this sort of dream. Why can’t it just be “Oh! Ofcourse, it was a dream!” Then being in awe at the power of the human mind.
The funny thing would be the habits one would pick up that are unsuitable in waking life. Having to go. “oh, right. Real life”

when you are aware of things that others are not you do not need to move fast at all, you simply have every single advantage of their blunt and discursive operations

an illustration would be the hopelessly drunk man trying to fight someone completely sober.

Tai Chi for this reason is a mind mode of fighting. One does not fight with the body when it is truly mastered, rather, because they are so intimately familiar with every single nuance of all their possible combat variations and are at such a deep stillness where time is all but suspended, they become aware of their energy and the intentions and energies of others, and intercept the intentions of others before they can carry them out, thusly completely neutralizing and redirecting any force given effortlessly, gently, and simplistically.

The things they can do may appear to be miraculous and supernatural, indeed they are, but that is just because most humans do not map out the spaces of higher consciousness.

Time is an invention of the thinking conceptual mind
when this mind is put on hold it begins to lose anchors
the less anchors it has, the more immersed it becomes in what it is doing
when fully immersed in what one is doing one loses all reference of external time
with all reference of external time lost one can be aware that they are spending what subjectively feels like an immense and massive amount of time doing something that in units of societal measurement is considered short

Sure if you are already good at fighting then you’ll fight even better when you’re thinking at higher speed. Although the higher control may also inhibit the reflexes wich only work when you don’t control them, when you don’t think.
Imagine the reflexes starting their work and the conscious mind wondering what the hell the body is doing and evaluating and doubting and fearing. For the novice fighter, thinking may be best kept to some basic principles, while the body can do the right moves as it best can. Reflexes are often so accurate and impressive that they almost seem to come from a knowledge of the future.
For those who do not have very high control of our bodies when consciously trying, the reflexes are superior.

I think it would depend how wrapped up you were with your dream life. Lets say you made yourself an Aztec god…

Think about that. A civillization revolving around you, thousands of sacrefices being made to you, everyone kowtowing and if it wasn’t “yes, sir” and “thank you, sir” it would be back to another 10 years building temples in you know who’s honour…

After 123 years of wheat beer, rituals, tropical climate, the food, the religion, etc…well…

Imagine waking up in a south London flat in the pouring rain as a 14 year-old, who will, in this situation, most probably scream for guards to put his mother to death for the glory of Glom.

Ok, ok, maybe that’s a LITTLE over the top, but it was meant to represent the worst senario.

Don’t forget! You always travel in a sort of parade. Like In Aladdin when Prince Ali makes his entrance. But suited to your particular scenario.

If you had a dream like that, then the next day, as you are going to your school or job or whatever, the rain is pouring outside, you’ll reminiss. How long wouldn’t the afterglow of that dream last?

As long as you remember in the dream that one day you’ll return you’ll probably remember that thing don’t work the same way out there.

Hmmn, I can’t see somebody actually wanting to do something like that… Also to actually want, and keep, that kind of power for long enough to become accustomed to it. You would have to have issues already IMO…

this is an interseting topic. you could teach your self just about any thing that can be learned W/O a book or teacher (like meditation) I know that if I had 123 yers to do anything I pleased I would A) teach myself to sense faster, as in above, and develop my own matial art. If everyone had that kind of time to do watever they wanted i think that everyone would be a lot happier.

I just thought of something, this is very similar to the end of “The Lion The Witch, and The Wardrobe” where the main human characters come back out of the wardrobe after a very long time of ruling Narnia and find themselves to be no older than when they went in.

I think that having a shock after a long-long dream is very unlikely.
Once you wake up, you’ll know you just went to sleep a day ago and all you did these apparent 123 years was dreaming. I can’t even imagine to think that a dream could be the reality instead of this one, I allways know what was a dream and what was not, and of-course havent had an LD yet either.

Perhaps you will pick up some habits though.
I thought up a funny scenario with the habit of flying everywhere(nothing too original though):
You wake up from a 123-year dream, you’re feeling hungry and go to the kitchen to get some breakfast, but you find out that you’re out of milk. What to do? No breakfast is complete without some milk!
‘‘I know! I’ll just fly to the market, buy some milk and fly back, it shouldn’t take over 5 minutes!’’
You open the window and jump out with the intention to fly, but forget that in real life you can’t fly that easyli and that you live on the top of a 20 story building and fall to you’re death without breakfast :smile: .

Thats the worst side-effect I can think of.
So if you avoid such silly habits, than really long LD-s should not be that bad at-all, that’s what I think anyway.

Oh, I’d like to know how to extend time in an LD, once I become lucid, I beleve it would come in quite handy. So if anybody has any tips for me, I’d be thankful.