123 yrs

Im pretty sure it is possible to have a 123 year dream that lasted 2 hours in reality,time is not a real thing its just an illusion,you could fit 1000000000 years into a micro-second or a microsecond into 1000000000 years…There is only one moment,that is now.
open yr mind ladies and gentlemen,
your ass will follow.

Ive had experiences in this reality that went for a night but to me
It felt like a lifetime.

This can happen. Because time was something created by humans. So we can change it, and manipulate it in lucid land.

You mean you spent a lifetime in a dream and then went on living your WL just as you were before the dream? Didn’t 123 years of ultimate power get to your head? The theory is, if you were to live that long in a (lucid) dream, you would be extremely traumatized upon returning to your normal life.

And I don’t know if a two-hour dream is possible.

Writerscube lasted a whole week in his dream! It was cool, but I get what you mean Orange Element. It would be weird, wouldn’t it. But maybe you don’t freak out because you know it’s not real.

Jeez, i week? I only lasted 30 seconds.

Possible: yes, i’m pretty sure

Probable: no, not unless you get really good at time extension/ get uber lucky (or unlucky?)

As far as I can tell, from experience, as long as you remain aware that you are in a dream–and that it’s only a dream, then you can remain down-to-earth enough to not go mad or crazy or insane or have your brain explode or turned into a scone-on-a-plate-with-tea-and-sugar… and an Englishman sitting across from your brain-now-scone laughing at you saying “I say, my dear chap, you’ve turned out to be a rather delightful but silly thing, yes? Ha ha haaaa. Ah, I say I’m getting hungry…”
Ahem, yes… well forget the scone part.
But then again, I’m speaking from a record of 8-days dreamtime as my current limit.
Compared to a 123 YEARS… now that’s… well a big difference.
Hmm… well for one… you’d sure have a lot more to write about when you log back onto LD4All :razz:

well it’d be good.

i mean your brain can process a lot of data in a split second

Traumatised? Why? You’ve had 123 years to prepare for the moment when you wake up. If you were completely unaware you were dreaming I’d be a mindjob, sure. Traumatising, I wounldn’t ASSUME so.
You may liken it to learning about lucid dreaming when in your entire life you haven’t remembered a single dream. You know they exist, like you’d know real life exists in a 123year dream. Then you suddenly have a lucid dream. It may be confusing even though you know what is happening. It may be scary until you realise it’s an irrational fear. It may even change the way you view the world.
If you wake up from that long dream, you could be unprepared for the unbridled stability and inability to change things at will. But that would only be because of your own stupidity. But really I think you’d be more likely to be blown away with how DREAMLIKE the real world is, just like you are blown away by how LIFELIKE the dream world is when LDing. Still knowing it’s all “a real” and you can go back to your own dreamworld in a few hours for another 123 years.

Of course :razz: I didn’t mean it to sound like it was impossible. After all, it was because I believed in a book about a man’s account of a 1000 year dream while in a 3-year coma, that I even thought of pursuing the chance of living in a dream for just a week.

What I meant to say was that I, personally, am far too inexperienced to reach such a length of dreamtime and am skeptical about whether I may ever reach a year in dreamtime because heck, my DreamClock’s going to need some reworking to deal with that much dreamtime hahaha. But I’m guessing there must be someone somewhere who can do this :razz: a lot better than I, because I’m verrrry far from 1000 years dreamtime, or even 123 years dreamtime. And that means, relatively speaking, I’m an uber-newbie at hyper-extension of dreams :razz:

Edit: I confess though, I would enjoy having a 123-year-dreamtime LD. Hahaha, it’d be so much to write when I log back on, but I’d make sure that I wrote down every detail… hehe I’d probably have 123 Dream Diaries, each telling of each dream year :razz:

the only reason not many people can do it is because they think it’s hard. And it isn’t hard. Neither’s lucid dreaming, it’s just we all get it hardwired into our minds that lucid dreaming is hard. It isn’t.

Too bad schools don’t teach us about lucid dreaming :razz: I’m sure we’d all be better at it if there was an actual class for it–not to mention that more would be aware of lucid dreaming.
But alas :sad: we aren’t so fortunate and a lot of dreamers go without remembering their dreams (like one of my friends living around New York)

That would be cool

But i don’t know, most people not knowing about LDing makes it more awesome

Like a hidden secret of the Gods :peek:

hmm, very interesting, Lucidrivet. Perhaps when I can finally lucid dream I shall practice this… :cool:

One of the reasons for my interest in LDs is because I’d like to extend my lifetime by being conscious when I sleep. If I can have fun and learn something during LDs, that’s also good.

I’d actually like to spend a few years in my dreamworld. I find this topic of “time compression” fascinating.

But I just thought of something: There is a good reason why most people need to sleep. As far as I know, science hasn’t been able to fully explain it, but basically sleep allows the mind to reorganize. Will that effect be gone if I could stay lucid through my sleeping time? Does lucidity prevent true rest, and if so, is this worsened by lucid dreams that appear very long, but last only a few minutes?

I find LDs rather refreshing and restful :slight_smile:

noooo. When you’re sleeping, your always dreaming. I doubt lucid dreaming is any different. If this were true of lucid dreaming, I bet you would have read about it in the forums already.

Do you mean like a flower growing, make it grow faster?

or do you mean that everything you do, do it twice as fast and you can do everything in an LD?

or do you mean, watch the world go by in front of your eyes in seconds, and see how Earth blows up or something?

did everything I just said mean the samething?..

I’m confused :confused: :eh: :bored: :eek:


This is a very interesting topic. It would be so cool to be able to control it like this. Having a bad day? Just take a week off, in your dream. You can fly to your favorite island and you don’t even have to pay for the flight, accommodations or meals.