Lucid Dream that last days?

hello… so who here has actually had a lucid dream that last days or weeks? I find this so interesting… I can´t even grasp the idea of having a lucid dream for a week. I just want to know how you guys get to do this? Is there some kind of command you shout that will trigger this to happen, or some kind of technique you do inside the lucid dream…? anyways, hope someone can shed some light on this subject.


I’ve had dreams that looked as if they were a week long or so…
Note this is an illusion. Time goes by in a dream just as it does here.
So if I would count seconds in the dream, I would supposedly get to 30 minutes or so…
This was claimed by LeBerge, if you are serious about LDs you should definitely pick up his books. especially EWLD. He, himself, claims to have had a 100 years long dream… Dig on that for a while…
Nonetheless, it works the same as when you see in a movie the sun set and then rise, you assume there has past a night, although it lasted for a few seconds…
I can consciously orient the length of the dream, although it was one of the dream characters that I find harder to control.
I have ordered a book about dreams by Freud so I’ll probably be able to get back to you with some more knowledge about this ^^
Have fun

Yes. Long dreams are usually illusions. False memories add to the illusion. Technically it’s possible to have a dream that lasts 1,000,000,000 years. Hmm… that would be a good quest! :happy:

theres a pretty good conversation about this here.

As pointed out here, there is a current topic about this in Adventures. Topic Locked. :dragon: