13 dream, 6 lucid, no fly a night

Last night was begining an experiment. I put my clock, pen and other things near me as said. But everything happened as below.

I slept for 14 hours (wich is out of my habit). I woke several times but I couln’t get myself up and wrote about the experiment. When I woke up at last, before I get out of the bed and opened my eyes I counted 13 dreams with my fingers. As long as I remember there was; 1- a train accident, 2-fire on the toppics of my house and the neighbours, 3- riding a donkey, 4-police search a murder case, 5-frying eggplants, 6-a friends illness and my sorrow, 7-fire in the top floor again, pouring water and opening the windows for the wapour, 8-having a converstation with a friend about the world, 9- sprits in the house and telling them go, I am not believing them so they don’t have anyting to do in this house. I don’t remember the others.

  • In the dreams 1,2,4,7,8 and 9 I was lucid.

  • I ride in a train, a taxi, a donkey. I walked. But I didn’t fly in any of

*When I get up everbody in the house asked why I slept so long. I w :confused: as not feeling as slept long and rested.

  • Althought I remember I woke and sleep again many times I don’t remember moving.

*This is the first time I ever saw sprits (I saying and laughing them “come on, haunted eh, not my house even in my dream…”) in my
dream and I didn’t felt any fear. :grrr:

  • This is the first time I have this much dream in one night.

  • This is the first time I had this much lucid dream in one night and didn’t fly in one of them.

  • I was not remembering any dreams for the last 3 days.

It was a really unusual night. :blush:


the lucid ones are candidates for obe’s you could in those lucid dreams be more aware or increase your awareness by reminding yourself first thing you do is stare at fixed objects to become more aware maybe go into full blown obe after that or request to do something while in lucid mode so that is the first thought that pops up and is initiated first like I want to stare through my closed eyelids but never rush from lucid to obe or else you may wake up immediately wouldn’t hurt to try stare at fixed objects first.

Why ones should sacrifise the LD just to have another one starting in a different way? OBE isnt that great, usually I just leave my room and go to do something cool in the ld. If your refferring to an “actual” OBE, in what you “actually” leave your body, I would say I dont believe in that by the occurance of my own personal OBEs.