15 Ways To Get Your Blood Pumping

  1. Change your gender
  2. Have a zombie apocalypse
  3. Become a zombie for the apocalypse
  4. Ride a mermaid to a mystical island
  5. Create a city and people to live there
  6. Fly an airplane
  7. Crash an airplane
  8. Jump out of an airplane
  9. Edit the laws
  10. Get over a fear
  11. Survive a natural disaster
  12. Go back in time
  13. Explore space
  14. Meet aliens
  15. Talk to your SC

I’ll have to try them all!

Try having sex as the opposite gender… Youll be surprised.

That sounds interesting! I’ll have to remember that one haha.

Are you a Sphongle fan Mr? :happy:

Haha I doubt it. I’ve been planning to do that for a while now.

1000 Things to do in a Lucid Dream
I recommend reading this topic, it’ll give you a huge number of ideas, maybe your motivation start working again :cool:

Number three… Hoho!
Going to try that as soon as I get lucid again (in a couple hundred years)

Ooh, this thread again.

Too bad I couldn’t remember/was capable of doing any of them in my LDs so far. Low-level LDs aren’t very exciting, but at least they’re good indicators to show that you’re improving. :meh:

15 is something I’ve been looking forward to ever since I started working towards LDing. :smile: