1st proper WILD.

Last night i was feeling sick, so i went to bed real early. After about an hour i tryed a WILD. It worked and pretty quick i was in a dream. I did’nt do anything too exiting i just took my time and walked around. This was exactly what i wanted to do, just walk and look around. I’m trying to develop stable LDs from this, is this a good idea?.
As i said nothing exciting happened, i just took my time to walk around.

i think that’s a good idea. If you do some very exiting stuff in the beginning you’ll probably just wake up right away…instead by just be calm and focused and exploring the dreamworld you could have longer lds and that way train more stabilisation techniques…

Allthough, i would recomend to have a goal on something small to do each time. The next time for example you could try to touch things, that’s a very nice thing to do because it both keep you in the dream and is very exiting to feel how real things feels… :cool_laugh:

Good luck.

i dont think ive ever took the time to just walk around in a LD. I always think…hmmm I better do fun stuff…cus my next one wont be for a week. [Plus…my alarm wakes me up at 6:30 for school]. So yeah…I just do stuff like flying and blowing stuff up. :razz: I guess I might walk around one time…just to see everything. yeah… good job on your first real LD from WILD.

Cool. I am trying to have a WILD myself, but I haven’t so far. Can you explain your method to me?


Congratulations on your LD.

Yes taking your time and just explore your dream world is a good idea to help you learn to keep things stable. Just make sure you stay engaged in the dream. It also might not hurt to remind yourself once in a while that you are dreaming as you explore your dream environment.

I tell you this much. You had more self control and patients then I did in my first lucid dream. :smile:

Good luck and happy dreaming.

thanks everyone. My method is: waking up at around 1-2 am, im a pretty light sleeper so if i tell myslef to wake up at a certain time, i usually do. When you wake you usually go to sleep again soon after, tell yourself your gonna LD until you fall asleep. Both times ive done this i’ve felt myself falling alseep and felt myself enter the dream.