2 dream questions; What happened?

Question 1: I had something very unusual that happened to me a few nights ago and I have no Idea what this was. What do you think? Here’s the quote from my dream journal:

It may be worth mentioning that when I woke up, I noticed that while I was in the EXACT same position I was in in my dream, it is a position I can NEVER sleep in. I don’t think it was a OBE because I had been asleep for 8 hours prior to this. What do you think it was?

Question 2: Normally I have at least 2 dreams that I can remember per night, but for the last week, I aven’t gotten any at all. I was starting to get worried, but I was never going to give up. Strangely last night broke the chain of “dreamless” nights and granted me 6 almost pefectly clear dreams!!! It was very unusual, but it was also a welcome event that I wish could happen every time. The only flaw was that it took me an two hours to write everything in my dream journal :eek: , but I didn’t mind it; As long as I’m dreaming, I enjoy writing in my dream journal! :cool:. There was also nothing to trigger all those dreams that I could recognise. The only difference between yesterday and the rest of the week was that yesterday was horribly boring. What do YOU think happened?

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated. There are no stupid awnsers (but please don’t try :wink: )
I just want to know what happened, thanks!

Answer 1: It was probably a hallucination, whether it was hypnagogic in nature, or caused some other reason, I don’t know. If you remember what you did before you made the fist, you would know what it was.

Answer 2: Dream recall is like that. I sometime have nights of no dream recall. Other times, I have gigantic dreams that get split into parts. Perhaps the change was triggered by changing eating habits, sleep times, and sleeping positions.

1: Before I made the fist I remember looking at my hand and studying it for quite a while.

2:I have been doing dream recall for weeks though. I had reached a steady point where I remember 2-3 dreams a night. Then this happened… unusual…

Thank you for your post!