2 dreams 1 lucid dream in 2 nights possible?

is it possible to have one dream i remember one night, and the next night 2 dreams, one being my first lucid dream that i remember? is it also possible to have a lucid dream without using any method but an RC? i am wondering because that happened to me a few nights ago. please respond or IM me on AIM. my sn is allapologies524.

During my lucid dream i turned on a tv and i saw my dad fall off his ladder which happened a few months ago. it scared the hell out of me. i didnt really want to see that. he didnt die or anything but it scared me when it happened beacuse he is my favorite person. please tell me why this happened.

Yes, It’s possible. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be possible.

I think it happends because it’s still in your mind. You still know that your dad fall off his ladder. And that’s why you dreamed about it. The things you do IRL come back in your dreams.

Why would it be unpossible? We have a lot of dreams in a night.

Of course, it’s possible. RC’s seems to have been invented by the searcher Paul Tholey, he called this the “critico-reflexive method”, and it was conceived as a full method.

thanks for the help. if you havent noticed, i am new to lucid dreaming. that was my first one.

If you try and surpress a thought ot memory (in this case, you’re dad falling) then it is more like to apear in your dreams.

That’s my fun fact for the day :wink:.

all right thanks

You PMed me to reply to this post. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to answer it. Sorry, I’m not a professional LDer yet.